relationshipSeveral measures are used to make a good husband and wife relationship. The vast majority of countries seems difficulty on making a stable relationship between husband and wife. A research has concluded with the most important factors for making husband or boyfriend happy. These points help on increasing the intimacy.


Never do these things with your husband or boyfriend

1. Never speak loudly with your husband.

2. Never share weakness of your husband with family or friends.

3. Do not talk according to your mood.

4. Never compare with other men.

5. Never tell anything bad about your husband’s friend.

6. You must not forget your husband married you.

7. Never tell others to care your husband.

8. If your husband comes to home with empty hand, never scold him.

9. Take care of seat of your husband.

10. At any time ready to have s3xual relations with her husband. It is very important for men. Avoiding s3xual contact with him for a long time can bring stress on him.

11. Never reject s3x proposal.

12. Let your husband speak first when you are talking in a mass.

13. Never scold your husband in front of your child.

14. Take care of dress of your husband before he leaves home.

15. Never let your friend be close to your husband.

16. Let your husband take time while he goes to a toilet or while he wears a dress.

17. Do not compare your love with money.

18. Do not be so much busy in front of your husband. Give him time.

1 9. Never compare his work with yours.

20. Do not compare your husband with your former boyfriends ever.