There are many people who go to Australia to seek job opportunity, but when the time passes by, and a person starts settling, a person might want to begin a family. But what if you lose your job today? Do you have any future planning?  These are many Visa Australian Government provides. 457 visa is a long-term working visa for the skilled individual. You will need to have a sponsor, and the visa expires after 4years, after that if you further want to stay or leave you’ll be in need to find another sponsor. You might be living in Australia for quite a while and wanting to spend your entire life in Australia is when you apply for PR. This is the requirement for 457 Visa Permanent Residency.

Ways You Can Apply to 457 Visa Permanent Residency

There are three ways you can convert 457 Visa to PR:

  1. Through Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS/RSMS)
  2. Through Skilled Migration (GSM visas- 189, 190, 489), and
  3. As the Partner of an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
457 Visa Permanent Residency

457 Visa Permanent Residency


The majority of people choose this method. After you’ve been working for 2years, you can apply for there after some of the requirements that are fulfilled. The requirements are basically that your employed has to fulfil all the obligation as a sponsor for past two years of working and you must be working in the nominated position. Others are your that you will have to be scored on IELTS 6 test, and there should be no adverse information about you or your family members in police records. And the final requirements is that one should be able to pay $7000 for an individual and could be more if you’ve partner or children for your visa application to the Department Of Immigration.


  • Your employer will have to provide financial information and company details.
  • To be nominated your employer should be able to comply with training benchmark criteria, which are at least 1% of payroll on training Australian employees or donate 2% of payroll to an Industry Training Fund.

Also, you also don’t have to have 457 visa to be eligible to apply for PR. You can choose to apply under direct entry stream where all you need is to obtain a skill assessment for a certifying body and have at least minimum 3years of work experience that is relevant to your occupation gain anywhere in the world. You will be in need to be scored in IELTS 6 and also have your medical and character certificate. So you can either choose to go on 457 Transition Steam or Direct Entry Stream.


Skilled migration is another way where you will not need to have your employer involved to get this visa. You’ll be instead given points, points for your age, a level of education, English ability, how many years you worked, etc. Your skills are needed to be assessed by a certified body, and your profession must be in demand.  You won’t be applying for a visa right away instead you’ll have to apply for EOI( Expression of Interest) where you will be required to score at least 60 points and only the Department of Immigration may invite you to apply for a visa. The DIAC chooses and invites the one with best skills or highest scores for a visa. Skilled Occupation List 2017 SOL List provides complete information on required Skilled manpower list in Australia.

With the current point analysis, the 189 and 190 subclass is competitive. Individuals may need to get 20 points in PTE, 5 points in NAATI CCL.


Partner Migration is that if you have found love in Australia who is the citizen of Australia and you have genuine and stable relation then you can convert your 457visa to PR. To apply for this you’ll be required to be in a relationship for a year or sometimes even less neither less same-sex partner or not. Your partner visa will be granted for 3years, after 2years the Department of Immigration will invite you to apply for PR. No marriage is required for this.

So basically these are three ways how you can convert you 457 visa permanent residency. Hope this helps and as always, Good Luck!!