There were few amazing things during your childhood period. If you are aged 20 to 35 now, you will have fun reading this.

1 Suka Khalko Mithai

cheapest sweet of nepal

A memory encircles you seeing this photo. Do you remember, you used to get four sweets with one rupee? This sweet was categorized as suka khalko mithai and also piro mithai and orange balls during your childhood. You used to take 25 paisa coin to get a sweet.

2 Pahur Biscuit

pahur biscuitImage source:

Pahur Biscuits was the all time favorite biscuit during childhood. It used to cost one rupee only. There were around 10 pieces of biscuits in a packet of 1 rupee bundle. During our childhood, we used to put those all biscuits on our bowl having tea or milk and we used to use our spoon for having it. It was our sometime favorite school tiffin too.

3 Making a paper tail and mocking your friend

paper tail

When you are on childhood phase, it was fun making a artistically designed paper tail and hanging on other friends and mocking him. Some times, your teachers also might have scold you seeing your pretty action ;). All friends of yours would laugh who sees the tail. It would have been a moment of remembrance for you all.

4 Throwing a cloth attaching seed

cloth attach

When you were small, you used to throw a seed like this to your friends and sit idle as if you are doing nothing. During a childhood period, it was fun attaching this type of things on others clothes.

5 Waiting for watching Mumin Cartoon for hours


Mumin was a favorite cartoon show during our childhood. Mumin, stinky, Sanomaya were few characters of it. We used to enjoy watching it. We used to watch Nepal Television for hours waiting for mumin show. Few other cartoon shows we used to prefer during our childhood were Tom and Jerry. We used to prefer Mumin to Tom and Jerry during our childhood. Seeing this image, we still remember our past.

6 Sitting on a wooden bench during hair cut

hair cut nepal

During your childhood time, a barber made you to seat on a wooden bench on the similar position as shown on photo.