Police are the person bounded with their duties and responsibilities given to them. We would like to share some photos of Nepal Police where they are serving people with their hard-work. Seeing these photos makes every Nepali people to salute Nepal Police and makes people to respect Nepal Police more and more.

1 Rescue of Flood Victims

nepal police rescue

Image source: newspokhara.com

With a strong effort, Nepal police is fully dedicated on rescue of flood victims. Without considering about dirty mud and clothes, Nepal police is helping people by rescuing the flood victims. We would like to salute them for the action taken by them.

2  Nepal Traffic Police looking after vehicles on heavy rain

Photo above shows a traffic police man performing his duty with a full effort. Although its raining heavily, he is looking after vehicles wearing a raincoat. We would like to salute him for being responsible officer.

3 carrying a people with the aid of rope for crossing a rivernepal police helping people

Image credit: Ghanashyam Khadka

Photo above shows the respectful work by Nepal Police. Photo shows the policeman carrying a people with the aid of rope for crossing a river.

4 Traffic Police man removing plastics from blocked drainage.

nepal traffic police

With a heavy rain, water had overflown through the road. Nepal traffic police despite of feeling odd, he removed the plastics and other water blocking materials from a blocked drainage and made a convenient flow of water through drain. We salute for his action.

5. Nepal Traffic Police Checking speed of vehicles

Checking speed of bike

Over-speed is a main cause of road accident. Nepal Traffic Police is fully working for safety of people by using various efforts. A photo above shows a traffic police man measuring a speed of vehicle. If it is above the speed limit mentioned, rider will be penalized. We salute for Nepal Police working hard for safety of people.

New update:

Some other photos of Nepal Police.

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