Every country has a system, rule and law. Police department realize and punish people if rules, laws are broken. We found some photos where you can see Nepali Police breaking the rule.

Nepal Police bike parked where parking is not allowed

No parking traffic symbol signifies as a place not to park a vehicle. We found police parking the bike along with the no Parking sign. If we normal Nepali citizen did the same, we would be fined thousand Nepali rupees for this. Moreover we would have got pain for searching our driving license whole day around a traffic police office.nepal police bike no parking

Bike Number is different on front and back

Have you noticed or not? I was more shocked to know this later. I observed the photo more closely after that I came to see the bike number on the front number plate is 101 and the bike number on backside number plate is 1013. If we normal Nepali citizen did the same, we would be fined thousand Nepali rupees for this.

3 people on Nepal Police bike

triple load police

Bike is made for carrying maximum two people and it is a traffic rule in Nepal too. In a photo, Nepal police bike carrying triple load is passing along a traffic police nearby. If we normal Nepali citizen did the same, our license would have been seized and fined thousand rupees.

Another Bike along with No Parking board


Recommendation: We think we all Nepalese are equally responsible to protect our rules, regulations and law. Either it might be police or traffic or a law maker, law is equally important for all Nepali residents.

This article is not responsible and dedicated to all police force. There are very much good deeds of Nepal Police. Some people might be irresponsible but we have found Nepal Police as strongest, intellectual police of the world. Nepal Police have been successfully able to catch the international as well as National underground criminals. We have also shared the respectable and praiseworthy doings of Nepal Police force through this website. You can get those praising works by Nepal Police here (to read the article click here).