There are certain situations that makes you feel uncomfortable in Nepal. These situations make people confusing. We are trying to list out some such situations which are uncomfortable to handle. If you know more situations that confuses yourself, mention it in the comment section.

When a bus conductor of passenger overloaded bus says do you want to go brother? Seat is vacant!
(jaba pack bus ko conductor le.. “jane ho dai seat khali cha” bhancha)

bus situation in nepal

It is a common situation we face on our daily life. A local overloaded bus with extra number of passengers than adjustable bypasses you and a conductor on it invites you to bus for going to your destination claiming for vacant seat in the bus. It is a funny situation sometimes and sometimes it may make you temper according to your mood. A photo above shown clearly justifies the situation you may feel.

when you see these types of photos on Facebook


You feel twahh.. when seeing these types of images on Facebook through different pages. Images written with different memes are extremely amazing to go through.

Road Strike on middle of road of the journey

strike nepal

After you leave for somewhere long distance through highway, suddenly your bus stops somewhere due to unknown strike. You feel shocked (twahh). A long queue of vehicles are waiting for cease of strike till 5 PM evening. You will feel totally bored, hungry and lonely.

Load shedding (power cut off)

loadshedding nepal

When you are working or surfing web through computer/laptop, suddenly the power cuts off by Nepal Electricity Authority. You internet also cuts off , it makes you feel twahh. When you are preparing for examination, suddenly lights cuts off, you need to depend upon candle for your studies. This makes you feel difficult on learning.