Nepal Medical Council has released a notice regarding the 64th Registration and Licensing Examination. Interested candidates are requested to complete the online licensing examination and registration application.

Notice Date: Dec 16, 2022

The online application for filling out the Registration and Licensing Examination has opened from 27th Mangsir 2079. According to the instructions on the Nepal Medical Council website,, the online application form must be submitted.

The individual must submit the necessary information while filling out the form to participate in the examination, which will be held from the 12th to the 14th of Magh 2079 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, respectively.


More about 64th Nepal Medical Council Registration and Licensing Examination

The form must be submitted consistently between 27 Mangsir 2079 and 27 Poush (13th December 2022 to 11th January 2023). Additionally, there is a late fee on Poush 28 and Poush 29. (12 – 13 January 2023). The online application form filling and submission process will be accessible every day of the week, all day long. The Institute of Engineering Studies in Pulchok Lalitpur will give the test utilizing computer technology.

Nepal Medical Council

Nepal Medical Council

The Nepal Medical Council (NMC) was created in 2020 by a Parliamentary act. The Council’s primary responsibility has been to add competent physicians to the NMC Register so they can engage in secure contemporary medicine.

Over time, the NMC’s function has changed from merely registering physicians qualified to practice contemporary medicine to administering licensure exams before registration to overseeing and regulating medical education in the nation. The responsibility of NMC in medical education is being transferred to HPEC with the implementation of the new Health Professional Education Commission (HPEC) Bill.

In addition to enforcing basic service standards, NMC works to educate its members and give them the tools they need to improve their working conditions. We are working to reduce physical work, speed up service to members, and make all of our work transparent and public through IT. Additionally, it is going toward computer-based assessment and could eventually transition to online testing.

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