I use 7 eleven fuel app frequently to lock the price for fuel. Few weeks before, it started showing Golf error and Foxtrot error during my login to the app. After that, I contacted to the customer service representative and here was the solution.

How to solve 7 eleven Fuel App Golf Foxtrot error?

Customer service representative asked me to turn off the phone and to remove the sim card. After that, they asked me to log into the Fuel App using WiFi network. Then, you can insert your sim card and use the app. They even added, there is some issues with Virgin Mobile Users.

Yeah, that might seem true. Because I was with Vodafone before and there was not such problem. But it has been only few months, I am with Virgin Mobile. But, being an IT guy, I could not find the reason, how the app depends upon sim while using the application. I was surprised when customer service representative asked me to remove the sim and login to the app. But, I did the same. The app is now working fine.

7 eleven fuel app error

If you are still not using 7 eleven fuel app, it is better to download the app from play store and start using it. This app locks the price of fuel selecting four to five nearby 7 eleven petrol pump stations. Price of fuel in each and every fuel station is different in Australia. This app works better to save your money.

How do I lock Fuel price using 7 eleven app?

First, I use NSW FuelCheck application to check the fuel prices around Sydney and determine the area where the fuel is cheaper. I keep this on mind few days before I almost run out of petrol. Then, when I travel to those cheaper area, I park my car aside and lock the petrol price using 7 eleven app. Usually, price in my North Sydney area is 15 to 20 cents higher than the price in Burwood, Marrickville area.