It was just a few years ago when newspapers & magazines were the only sources for advertising job vacancies, promoting products, real estate businesses, etc. due to lack of communication medium.

People used to search for ads about the house for sale, rent availabilities, land for sale and then visit the location to know about the whereabouts and details of the respective houses.

Also, people had to inquire the newspaper company to get their ads posted which required going through several processes that took days to get approval.

As we set foot in this modern era, various technologies have been developed that have helped us a lot in performing our daily work easily. The web is fabricating more dominant societies all over the world.

Likewise, the internet provides a platform to showcase the advertisement related to selling, buying real estate. Many websites have been developed to date that made it easier for people when it came to dealing with real estate things.

99aana com

These property websites made some of the toughest tasks easier by providing the proper description of the respective houses, lands on sale, flat and commercial spaces for rent, and various other information about the real estate. This allowed the clients to have a better perspective on what they are getting on without actually visiting the place.

Among various websites dealing with real estate, 99aana comes under the light providing real estate information in real-time. Despite being a new face established in 2020, it is Nepal’s No 1 Property Website and has been declared as the most favoured property webpage in Nepal, by free studies. The website has thousands of properties with a fine description of each and every one of them.

Why Should you consider 99aana

99aana provides an easy way to explore properties nearby or a preferred location in a matter of seconds. It allows the clients to post ads and the viewers to have a better understanding of the property they are looking for.

nepal's property market

The information includes all the details of the property including the price range, road condition, nearby landmarks, real-time images, etc. for a better experience. The chances for fraudulence is zero per cent as the website manually checks the listed properties before posting them onto their websites. It provides a place for contacting the owner of the property directly instead of going through unnecessary formalities.

Some reasons to choose to buy, sell or rent your properties!

1. User-friendly is developed by professionals with years of experience and have tested the website on almost every device being used currently. The site displays fluently and showcases its information in great view whether you are viewing from a computer, a tablet, or a mobile device.

You get a great user experience while browsing irrespective of the device you are using. It’s simple to use and customers can navigate to any page with just a click. It has all the necessary information a customer is looking for in a real estate portal.

2. Fraud free service

Residing in a web operating environment, there are chances of fraud. Given that into account, 99aana manually checks for the listed properties, review them, and make sure that the given property belongs to the person claiming to sell it.

3. Commission-free service

This portal provides the proprietor’s phone number so that customers can straightforwardly talk to them in regard to the cost of the property alongside different subtleties. 99aana acts as a communication medium and commissions of any sort are excluded in its administration.

4. Economical

This property portal provides a platform for the buyer and seller to browse through the listings with a click and saves time and effort to visit the actual location and know about its whereabouts.

With joint collaboration with the team, 99aana has successfully helped property seekers to get their dream houses, lands, flats and commercial spaces in their desired area. They provide genuine service and regularly update their website. Also, the customer support of the website is very fast and helps to clear any doubt within minutes. 

Furthermore, the website even provides information on home loans and their interest rate of popular banks. It has listed various banks that provide such service alongside their interest rate and tenure as indicated by the sum taken.

Summing it up, 99aana is the upcoming trend in real estate business which is helping both property seekers and owners to buy, sell and rent their properties without any hassle or brokerage.