Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country. Nepal has various geographical features, ranging from flat land from Terai to the high Himalayas. You can learn a lot about Nepal both online as well as in multiple types of media.

Nepal is often considered a third-world nation due to the slow pace of development and various other development indexes. Nepal has a total area of 147,181 sq km. Nepal has a population above 23 million. Nepal also has a vast cultural diversity, with people following different beliefs and values.

Nepal is in Southern Asia, between China and India. It covers a total area of 143,351 sq km, and its boundary is 2,926 km long, bordered by China at 1,236 km and India at 1,690 km.

Nepal is divided into seven states and 77 districts, and 744 local units, including four metropolises, 13 sub-metropolises, 246 municipal councils, and 481 villages. It is the 93rd largest country by area, with a total population of about 26.4 million.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. Nepal is popularly known for its natural beauty, and it has its own culture in the world. Nepali is the national language of Nepal. People practice several religions, with Hinduism and Buddhism having the largest population. Nepali faiths and beliefs have a logical reason.

Nepali is the national language of Nepal, and Kathmandu is the capital city. Biratnagar, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, and Dharan are some prominent cities. Nepal is rich in natural resources and ranks second in terms of water resources.

Nepal has a high potential for hydroelectricity, but Nepal still struggles with electricity production, and Nepalese are struggling with load shedding. Being a developing nation in regard to other developed countries, Nepal has been working for its identity time, and often so, a lot of efforts have been made to introduce the whole world to Nepal. Learn the 7 Reasons Why Nepal is not Developed.

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You can find tons of information about Nepal on the internet. Thousands of websites are available that will give you an outlook on what Nepal is and what are the various significant things about Nepal.

Nepal has castes like Brahmins, Chhetris, Newars, Tharus, Maithilis, etc., primarily based on various parts of the nation. Nepal is divided into four groups regarding identity. Brahmin, Chhetri, Vaishnav, and Sudras.

Those four groups showed different professions of people. Earlier, there was a hierarchy, and powers and privileges were handed over accordingly. But with time, people have become liberal, and there has also been a feeling of equity, although Nepal depends on cultural values.

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Nepal is rich in food as well as culture. There are more significant features to know about Nepal. Nepal has been a sovereign nation to date. Before a decade, Nepal was a kingdom. A considerable percentage of the income in Nepal is via remittance.

Nepal is also dependent on its fertile land. Agriculture is the primary profession of Nepalese. Overall, Nepal is a paradise for every man on this Earth, with several heritages also being listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

Map of Nepal

There are lots of things to talk about in Nepal. The map of Nepal is shown in the photo.

map of nepal

Map of Pokhara


Map of Kathmandu

map of ktm low

Map of Bhaktapur

map of bhaktapur

Best facts about Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country best described for its natural beauty and historical significance. With lots of heritages also listed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List, thousands of domestic and international tourists visit Nepal. Nepal covers less than a percentage of the land in Asia but still stands tall and sovereign.

The symbol of peace, Gautam Buddha, was born here. Similarly, Nepal is proud of being the nation of the tallest mountain Mount Everest. It is also the land of mountains, with most of the highest peaks here. Everything we mention about Nepal appears not to seem enough.

Nepal is a diverse nation with different landforms, ethnicities, and cultures, but there is still a sense of unity in diversity. Nepal is proud of not being invaded by any foreign force today. It is also the land of gods and goddesses.

Kathmandu is also believed to be a city with more temples than homes. There are lots of romantic dating spots in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Nepalese follow and celebrate many festivals throughout the year, each of which has its own significance.

Various castes and cultures also have essential days, but the nation respects and gets involved during their celebrations. There are lots of specialties in Nepal.

The most beautiful country in the world.

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Nepal is a paradise for everyone wishing to live a peaceful life. There are feuds at times, but still, it stands as a nation considered safe and sound for a living. Living cost is very affordable here, and with lots of natural resources available, Nepal is rich in food too.

Nepalese have no limits to food, and we prefer consuming every type of food. These are just some basic information about Nepal. If you want to know more about Nepal, there is much information available on the internet too. Similarly, you shall also be able to find about Nepal in brochures, books, and logs.

With Nepali being the national language, people here also speak many other languages. Kathmandu, Birgunj, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Dharan are some of the major cities. Nepal is respected and loved by every nation around the globe. Nepal is also best known for being the land of brave Gurkhas.

Nepal is a unique nation, and it is beautiful in so many ways. Everything about Nepal, from its people to its landscape, is fantastic. And we Nepalese never tire of praising the advantages and uniqueness of our country. Regarding resources, Nepal has it all, but sadly, it is still a developing nation with an impoverished population. Nepal is a stunning place to travel to and perhaps call home. It is undoubtedly one of the most excellent places to live because of its diversity and people. We should be happy that we were born in such a stunning nation. This article outlines extraordinary features of Nepal that set it apart from other countries.

Nepal Geography

Nepal has the highest mountain in the world, i.e., Mount Everest, and 8 out of 14 highest peaks. Besides this, in a span of 100 km from South to North in any part of Nepal, you can experience a hot tropical climate to bone chilling Artic type weather.

Nepal is the only country with an altitudinal variation that ranges from 70 meters to 8848 meters. There are many other things to boast about, like a lake at the highest altitude, i.e., Tilicho lake, the deepest gorges in kali Gandaki, the highest valley on the Earth, Arun Valley, the tallest grassland in the world in Chitwan, and many other things. And mainly, it is one of the four-season destinations.

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Nepal Bio-diversity

Nepal is called one of the Amazon of Asia. Many hidden treasures of its rich biodiversity are not yet fully explored, as many new species could be discovered in Nepal. There are more than 360 species of Orchid which constitutes over 2% of the world’s orchids. It has 8 % of the total species of birds found in the world.

As there is one bird that is found only in Nepal, which is the Spinny babbler. It comprises 6% of the world’s rhododendron species, also known as the national flower. There are 5980 flowering plants, of which 250 are only in Nepal.

Some wild honeybees are also found. Six hundred fifty species of butterfly are also seen, and many other items are found.

Nepal Culture, lifestyle, and pride

Nepal is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, also known as Asia’s light. It has different world heritage sites, whereas Kathmandu has seven world heritage Cultural sites. It is only a country with no rectangular-shaped flag, as it has two triangular-shaped flags stacked with a blue border. The Nepal flag was on a Ferry in Cyprus.

The cow is known as sacred in Nepal as it is also a national animal. There is a culture of worshiping cows as goddesses in Laxmi by Hindu people. Nepal has the only living goddess in the world called “Kumari.”

Namaste” or “Namaskar,” joining two palms and bending their neck, is the Nepalese culture of respect. This is also one of the cultures of the Nepalese people. Nepal has over 80 ethnic groups and 123 Languages, i.e. (Mother Tongue).


The first and most astonishing aspect of Nepal is its people. The world’s happiest and friendliest people are Nepali. Despite all the challenges, they manage to keep smiles on their faces. They continue to smile despite having experienced numerous natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Many struggle to make ends meet, yet they skip meals to provide the most excellent service possible when feeding their guests. They are Nepali, and they stick to that culture. The world’s most extraordinary people are Nepalis because of their generosity and simplicity. That is what makes Nepalis beautiful.

They serve as the best example of humanity. The beauty of the Nepalese is also often admired by tourists. Even on the darkest days, Nepali know how to find their sunlight. Nepalese people are adept at finding solutions, even amid significant difficulties. You won’t encounter kinder, more generous individuals than them. If you have experienced a Nepali, you will undoubtedly recognize them by their friendliness and kindness. As a result, Nepal is made unique by its people.


Nepal’s true jewel is its diversity. Nepal is referred to as a nation with unity in variety, and this diversity extends beyond just culture to include religion, the natural environment, the climate, and other factors. Although there is diversity in many areas, we frequently only focus on variety in terms of ethnicity.

Geographical diversity comes first. Nepal has a low Terai and the highest peak in the world simultaneously. In such a small country, there are many different sorts of geography. Seeing how much diversity exists in such a small nation is incredible. There is climate diversity in addition to geographic diversity.

Additionally, there is a great deal of climatic diversity. Terai has scorching areas, while the Mountain region has icy and snowy areas.

Nepal is known as the “land of forests.” Additionally, there is a wide variety of species. Wildlife is also really diverse, which is fantastic. Since the vegetation and geography are so varied, it is natural that the fauna will be as well.


Despite its modest size, Nepal has never been ruled by another nation. Nepal has always maintained its independence and freedom. Even our powerful neighbor India was ruled by England in the past when they led the entire planet, yet they could not govern Nepal. Our soldiers’ bravery has kept Nepal independent forever. Despite having fewer resources and soldiers, Nepal has displayed incredible courage in battle. We all have the right to be incredibly proud of our unique past. Our leaders and every citizen showed extraordinary bravery and love for the nation during those trying years of war. As a result of that contribution, Nepal is currently free and independent. These heroic Nepalese sons and daughters are responsible for ensuring our independence.

Natural beauty

Nepal is stunning by nature. The best resources are those that Mother Nature has given us. Diversity has previously been discussed. We have luscious hills, sparkling mountains, and fertile lands thanks to nature. Nepal has everything. In my opinion, there isn’t another country that is as lucky as Nepal in terms of natural riches. It boasts the rivers with the most significant rate of flow that originates from some of the highest mountains in the nation.

Nepal has an abundance of water resources. It has numerous water sources, including sparkling springs, rivers with clear water, and more. Nepal is rich in many minerals in addition to water. Although they have not received much attention, Nepal has a wealth of resources.

Water resources, wildlife, and forests are all abundant in Nepal. Anyone who travels to Nepal cannot help but praise the country’s beauty. Mother Nature has given it the most admirable decorations. Anyone is taken aback by the breathtaking scenery and breathtaking landscapes. One of the reasons there are so many tourists in Nepal is because of its natural beauty. The natural beauty of Nepal has drawn several tourists there.

Country of gods and goddesses

Nepal is said to as the land of the gods and goddesses. Most of the population is Hindu, even though the nation is currently secular. People have a strong belief in gods. Even ancient Kings frequently built temples. Because of this, Nepal has many temples, all of which have fascinating legends and histories. Only the nation’s capital has a large number of temples and stupas. Many tourists travel to Nepal to discover about locals’ devotion to deities. Nepal is said to as the country of Gods and Goddesses. According to Hindu mythology, it is thought that there are millions of gods living there.

Nepali Khana Alu Jira

Learn how to cook Nepali khana. Nepali khana is loved by tourists who come to visit Nepal. Thamel area is famous for Nepali khana. Now, you can prepare yourself for Nepali khana and enjoy your taste. Nepali khana is healthy and full of nutrition.

Nepali Khana Alu Jira cooking method

Time will take 20-25 minutes. 3-4 people can be satisfied with these snacks.

Ingredients Alu Jira

These are the ingredients items needed to prepare Alu Jira healthy Nepali khana recipe.

Items Quantity

  • Boiled potatoes 500 gm
  • Jeera seeds ½ tsp
  • Butler 1 tsp
  • Salt To taste
  • Chili powder As required
  • Turmeric powder, As required
  • Zeera powder ½ tsp
  • Garam masala ½ tsp
  • Ginger, garlic (paste) 1 tsp
  • Onion (chopped) 60 gm
  • Tomatoes 60 gm
  • Green chilly 2-3 pieces
  • Coriander (chopped) 2 tsp

Alu Jira preparing method

  • Cut boiled potatoes into long jardiniere shapes.
  • Chop onion and tomatoes—heat butter in a pan.
  • Add jeera seeds to the hot butter and fry it.
  • After it turns black, the onion is chopped and fry it.
  • After the onion turns golden brown color, fry the cut potato.
  • After turmeric powder and jeera powder, garam masala, ginger, garlic paste, and chili powder, stir it.
  • After 3-4 minutes, add tomatoes, fresh green coriander leaves, and salt.
  • Add a small amount of water if necessary.

Old gadgets of Nepal

Technology has significant step changes within a short time frame, introducing many new gadgets. There are a few old gadgets that you still remember, and you might have kept them safely for future remembrance. This makes us remember Nepal.

Old Camera

old camera

How many of you remember this old camera? You may still find it in your cupboard or old suitcase. It used to work with a roll of film, costing 120 rupees, with thirty-two negatives.

Old Television

old television in nepal

I still have this type of television in my home for memory. For around 12 years, I have kept this television in my store room for long-term memory. It was a black-and-white television having Nepal Television as a channel. I hope you still remember your first TV at your home.

Old Radio

old radio

image source:

We can still see this type of radio in villages of Nepal. We used to have this type of radio at home during our childhood. I still remember I used to record my voice in a tape and listen to it again and again. Although these radios are ancient, we can still find somewhere hanging on a nail wearing a radio with a cotton cloth.

Brick Game

brick game

You might have played brick games in your childhood. Nowadays, we can not find this on the market. It used to run on two batteries. You might still remember seeing a photo.

Photos Showing Deep Nationality in Nepal

We love our country and respect our motherland, where we were born and where we lived. We will share photos showing deep national feelings toward the home “Of Nepal.” Nepal is a beautiful kingdom where several multicultural, multilingual people live happily and cooperate. There are more things to know about Nepal.

Nepal Ama (Nepal mother)

nepal ama

We usually say Nepal is a mother. This photo is designed with lots of creativity. I stared for a few minutes at this photo of a mother carrying Nepal in her womb. This photo gathers lots of emotional feelings about Nepal.

Man carrying Big National Flag on Basantapur Durbar Square

nepal desh vakta

Although I do not know his name, he is usually seen at Basantapur Durbar Square in the evening. He carried a big National flag in his hand and let interested people nearby take a photo with the flag. Many people hang around him to take pictures with a giant banner of Nepal. He does not take the money, and he never asks for money. He seems pleased doing this job. He is regularly at Basantapur Durbar Square with a smiley face every evening.

Heart Touching Design signifying love towards Nepal on Tourist Bus

You might not have noticed a beautiful design on the Open Heart tourist bus. Usually, the Open-heart bus service serves tourist passengers from Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu. The design on the bus signifies the beautiful Nepali flag.

Along with it, the Gautam Buddha’s image has been placed on the design of the bus. In my view, the Mount Everest image is still missing on it. It would be perfect if the Mount Everest image were there. Nepal is known as the country of Everest and the birthplace of Buddha worldwide.

World’s Largest Human National Flag Nepal

nepal world record flag

With 35 thousand people, Nepal’s most significant human flag was made, and it was even one of the Guinness World Records. Nepal has a complete form of Never End Peace and Love.

Nepal FIFA Ranking

FIFA ranking of Nepal is 175 now.