The trend of Nepali students going abroad for further studies is increasing every year. There are number of reasons behind it, somewhere the weakness of government and the education system plays a role in this increasing trend. Education in Nepal has not yet been successful to fill the gap between educational degree and job. But is government and the education system solely responsible behind the increasing trend of abroad study in Nepal?

Abroad Study – Advantages and Disadvantages

Well I see a different side of the story as well, somewhere the attitude of our students play a role. They are ready to spend millions of rupees to get a visa but are not ready to invest it in some productive sector which will not only provide them a good return but will also assist in Nations Economic Growth.

Previously, only students from well to do family and those extraordinary students who earned themselves a scholarship used to travel abroad. But since 2012-2013 the trend has increased so much that it not only has caused loss of trillions of rupees but has triggered a serious brain drain among Nepali students. It is good that normal students have access to abroad study but at what cost? Students are following the trend because everyone else is doing so. Without proper research and vision, many students go for abroad studies and get depressed and frustrated seeing the harsh reality there. We often hear tragic the news of Nepali students committing suicide in foreign countries.

Number of Nepalese going Abroad Study

Ministry of education distributed 16,499 no objection letters in 2014-2015 which doubled coming to 2015-2016 and is further increasing till now making Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India, USA and Germany as the top choice of Nepali students for Abroad studies in 2020. This shows the brain drain in Nepali students. Parents are also so convinced that their Child will have no future here in Nepal that they are ready to spend millions of rupees just to get a study visa which will become a gateway to permanent settlement in some developed country.

abroad study

abroad study

The trend has increased so much that if proper initiatives are not taken then Nepal will face severe shortage of qualified young professionals in very near future. Actually we are seeing the effect now as well, we are facing severe shortage of qualified professionals.

Boon of Abroad Study

Abroad study can be boon if students return and use their skill and knowledge back home. We have many examples of successful entrepreneurs who have made the most of their abroad study and have contributed the economy like Khalti Digital Wallet,Tootle App Mobile based motorbike ridesharing platform in Nepal. But in recent scenario of Nepal, abroad study has become a gateway for students to settle in some developed country. Its fair for youths to blame the lack of opportunity in country for this but it’s a vice versa process if young people don’t stay in country, who will contribute in the nations development and who will create opportunity?

Whatever the reason are but it is sure that the effects are severe. Student Mobility is not in itself a big issue, it is a global phenomenon. Even developed countries hold the leading position in sending students abroad but they utilize the skills and knowledge of their foreign graduates for development of the Nation. But, in recent scenario of Nepal we are loosing our qualified manpower because of the increasing trend. It is high time that we realize the devastating effect and come up with ways to attract our manpower back and when I say we, I mean not only the policy makers but the private sector and the youths as well.