NTC has provided lots of features these days. You can know your number, check balance, activate data, buy data package, activate ringtone, activate call waiting on a single click. We have listed out the syntax for checking all NTC services including NTC data pack, NTC call waiting, NTC ringtone.

Nepal Telecom is the oldest telecommunication in Nepal. Nepal Telecom has launched GSM Prepaid, GSM postpaid, Landline (PSTN), Sky, CDMA for the effective communication system in Nepal. Nepal Telecom has coverage on all 75 districts of Nepal.

Six Plus points of Nepal Telecom

  • Nepal Telecom airtime cost is considered to be cheapest than other private telecommunication in Nepal.
  • Nepal Telecom internet cost is too much cheap than other private telecommunication.
  • Nepal Telecom has launched several schemes for Nepalese. People can choose their desired products like postpaid/prepaid or sky or CDMA as per their wish.
  • Revenue of Nepal Telecom is considered to be high as Nepal Telecom is the highest tax payer in Nepal.
  • Recharge facility for ICDMA and CDMA from Nepal Telecom website (www.ntc.net.np)
  • Websms, Online GSM bill, Online PSTN bill , CRBT are extra features by Nepal Telecommunication to its costumers.
  • Broadband Internet services like WiMaX, ADSL by Nepal Telecom has kept Nepal Telecom in number one telecommunication in Nepal.

For ADSL internet users, Nepal telecom has made a separate interface to check account details, payments, billings called ADSL Selfcare ADSL Selfcare

Users can change password, view payment history and account status by logging onto ADSL Selfcare.

Besides, internet, Nepal Telecom has provided different service to its mobile costumers like voice mail service, missed call notification service, budget call 1424 system. Using a budget call 1424, Nepal telecom costumers can make international calls on cheap rate. It is claimed that Nepal telecom users can call to United states and United Kingdom at Rs 1.75 per minute. International call rate for other countries are shown over here.

nepal telecom

image shows the budget international call rate by Nepal Telecom

Nepal telecom has facilitated its users with easy recharge service. Nepal telecom customers can recharge GSM Postpaid, GSM Prepaid Mobile, ADSL Internet Account, PSTN Landline easily just by dialing 1413 and following the mentioned instructions.

How to Activate NTC Services?

activate ntc services

The image showed above clearly describe the process to use NTC service on your mobile phone.

NTC Service Activate Syntax

  1. Activate NTC Sim card: You need to call 1413 to activate your SIM.
  2. Know your NTC mobile number: You need to call *9# to know your own number.
  3. Know NTC balance: You need to call *400# to know your balance.
  4. Recharge NTC mobile from NTC recharge card: You need to call *411*pin# to recharge your mobile using recharge card.
  5. Activate NTC data pack: You need to dial *1415# to activate NTC data pack.
  6. Know remaining data in NTC: You need to message writing VL or FL to 1455 to know your remaining data in NTC.
  7. Activate NTC Ring back tone: You need to dial *1455# to activate NTC ring back tone.
  8. Activate call waiting in NTC: You need to dial *43# to activate NTC call waiting.

How to Deactivate NTC Services

Many of our valued users are asking us about the process of deactivating Buzz MCA (missed call notification of NTC, Nepal telecom for GSM mobile phones).

Here is a quick and easy solution for it. I personally visited lots of web-portals but could not get a concrete solution for it.

Here is a process, how I was successful in deactivating NTC missed call notification system called Buzz MCA.

Type unsub and sent to 5000 to unsubscribe

More information:

Here is how to disable – BUZZ MCA Missed Call Notification Service :

  1. Go to Message in your NTC Mobile
  2. Go to New Message
  3. Type UNSUB and send it to 5000
  4. This will unsubscribe BUZZ MCA – NTC Missed Call Notification

It’s all done and you have successfully deactivated NTC Missed Call Service and if you need to reactivate the missed call service in Namaste / NTC mobile then you have to send text message SUB and send it to 5000 .

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