We must inspire the creativity that the students do have. This is an article written to praise the creativity that these youths have. We, WapNepal team is extremely happy to see the performance, their creativity, and their presentation skill.

This Coca Cola advertisement video was a part of BBA marketing project conducted by the seventh-semester students of Ace Institute of Management, New Baneshwor, Nepal. Students have presented an awesome concept of presenting the product in a brilliant way. They even asked Coca Cola authority to review the video before they uploaded on Youtube.

The following are the team members.

Samiksha Vaidya (Director/Editor/ Cinematography/Cast)
Padma Sanjel (Cinematography/cast)
Sweta Bhattarai (Cast)
Shveta Agrawal (Cast)
Renesha Bhattarai Cast)
Pooja Jha (Cast)
Srijana Dawadi (Cast)

Samiksha Vaidya adds on youtube description section of a video.

Marketing Project for BBA 7th Semester with Coca Cola product in Nepal. It is an advertising concept based project for Coca Cola as a part of BBA Marketing Project.  This project was made with full supervision of Coca Cola authority to protect its brand image and not to hinder its marketing prospects. Whole concept is ours (a certain group of students mentioned below) but reviewed by Coca Cola authority before publishing on Youtube. However, there is no contracts and deals between us and Coca Cola Company Nepal in promoting the products as well as publishing this on Youtube.

Here goes the video. Hope you all love the marketing presentation skill that these students do have.

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