Welcome to ADBL – Nepal’s Leading Agricultural Development Bank Limited. In this article, we will look at the bank’s overview, history, services offered, location, role in the agriculture sector, latest news and updates, and how to access its services.

What is ADBL?


ADBL, short for Agricultural Development Bank Limited, is a renowned financial institution in Nepal. It is the successor to the Cooperative Bank and plays a pivotal role in the country’s agricultural development. ADBL operates under the ADBN Act of 1967, which permits the bank to engage in commercial banking activities.

Agricultural Development Bank Limited


ADBL has a rich history dating to its establishment in 1968. Over the years, the bank has successfully evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the agriculture sector. It has been involved in commercial banking operations since its inception and has witnessed significant growth and success.

Services offered by ADBL

ADBL offers a wide range of services to cater to the financial needs of its customers. From agricultural loans to various banking products, ADBL ensures that farmers and individuals in the agricultural sector can access the necessary financial support. The bank also provides commercial banking services to customers beyond the agriculture sector.

Where is ADBL located?


Agricultural Development Bank has an extensive network of branches spread across different regions of Nepal. These branches serve as access points for customers to avail ADBL’s services. The strategic placement of branches ensures that individuals in rural and urban areas can conveniently access the bank’s offerings.


ADBL’s headquarters is located in Ramshah Path, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the central hub for the bank’s operations, decision-making, and management. The headquarters ensures the smooth functioning of ADBL’s various branches and departments.


In addition to its branches, Agricultural Development Bank has a wide network of ATMs across Nepal. These ATMs allow customers to withdraw cash, check their account balances, and perform various other banking transactions conveniently and securely.

What role does ADBL play in the agriculture sector?

Support for farmers

ADBL is dedicated to providing comprehensive financial support to farmers and individuals in the agriculture sector. Through various loan programs and financial schemes, the bank assists farmers in enhancing their productivity and livelihoods.

Investment in agriculture

Agricultural Development Bank believes in the immense potential of the agriculture sector and actively invests in agriculture-related ventures. The bank supports agricultural enterprises by providing them with financing options, enabling them to expand their operations and contribute to the sector’s overall development.

Partnerships with agricultural organizations

To strengthen its impact in the agricultural development sector, ADBL collaborates with various agricultural organizations. These partnerships facilitate knowledge-sharing, capacity-building, and the implementation of innovative solutions for the benefit of the agricultural community in Nepal.

What are the latest news and updates about ADBL?

Financial performance

ADBL continuously strives to achieve positive financial performance. The bank diligently manages its assets, liabilities, and investments to ensure sustainable growth and profitability. Regular financial reports and updates provide stakeholders with valuable information on the bank’s performance.

New initiatives

ADBL is committed to innovation and constantly explores new initiatives to enhance its services and cater to customers’ evolving needs. Through technology-driven solutions and exciting offers, the bank aims to deliver a seamless banking experience to its clients.

Industry Recognition

ADBL’s dedication to excellence has earned it recognition within the financial industry. The bank has received numerous awards and accolades for its outstanding performance, customer service, and contributions to the growth of the agricultural sector.

How to access ADBL’s services?

Mobile banking

Agricultural Development Bank offers mobile banking services, allowing customers to conveniently access their accounts, make transactions, and manage their finances using their mobile devices. With just a few taps, customers can enjoy the ease and convenience of digital banking.

Online banking

In addition to mobile banking, ADBL provides online banking facilities, enabling customers to access their accounts and perform various transactions through the bank’s secure online platform. Online banking offers flexibility and convenience, empowering customers to bank anytime and anywhere.

Branch visits

Customers can also visit Agricultural Development Bank Limited’s branches to avail themselves of the bank’s services in person. ADBL’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff at each branch ensure that customers receive personalized assistance and guidance to meet their specific financial needs.


Depending on the proposal, you can apply loan for different types. Recently available types of Agricultural Development Bank loans are as follows:

  • Auto loan.
  • Education loan.
  • Foreign Employment loan.
  • Home loan.
  • Residential loan.
  • Agricultural production loan.
  • Livestock loan.
  • Small and Cottage Industry loans.
  • Products and Inputs Marketing loan.
ADBL loan

Agricultural development bank limited Vacancies

To get the latest agriculture development bank limited vacancies, follow these steps.

  1. Visit adbl.gov.np
  2. Scroll down to the footer section.
  3. Click on www.adbl.gov.np Career Notice, where you will see the latest job notices from ADBL.
Agricultural development bank limited Vacancies

The footer section of the ADBL website provides access to ADBL Syllabus. You can apply for ADBL jobs online.

ADBL Career Notice and Job Vacancies