Agriculture Development Bank Nepal

Agriculture Development Bank of Nepal is one of the oldest bank of Nepal. According to official site of ADB Nepal, it was established in 1968 under ADBN Act 1967.

Agriculture Development Bank, Agriculture Development Bank Nepal

Agriculture Development Bank

Agriculture Development Bank: Objective

Development of agriculture is very important to Nepal. Agriculture has played great role in Nepalese economy. Agriculture has more than 30 percent share on GDP of Nepal. Primary role of Agriculture Development Bank is to promote overall productivity of agriculture sector. Thus, Agriculture Development Bank of Nepal, provides key strength to Nepali economy.

With the main objective of providing institutional credit for enhancingthe production and productivity of the agricultural sector in the country, the Agricultural Development Bank, Nepal was established in 1968 under the ADBN Act 1967- Source:

Agriculture Development Bank: Head Office

Head office of ADB Bank Nepal is located to Kathmandu. More information can be found on official site of ADB Nepal. Here is the link of official website :

Agriculture Development Bank: Branches

ADB Limited bank covers many area of Nepal. ADB bank is one of the bank with largest number of branch.

Agriculture Development Bank: Loan

Agriculture Development Bank of Nepal, has different banking products. Among them ADB loan is most popular. ADB site quotes, ADB provides following loan targeted different groups.

List of ADB loan types

Depends on proposal, you can apply loan for different type. Recent available types of ADB Bank loan are as following:

  • Auto loan.
  • Education loan.
  • Foreign Employement loan.
  • Home loan.
  • Residential loan.
  • Agricultural production loan.
  • Livestock loan.
  • Small and Cottage Industry loan.
  • Products and Inputs Marketing loan.