Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Ayog is for controlling corruption in Nepal.

Corruption in Nepal

Corruption has always been a major issue in Nepal. Be it foreign companies or local companies or even government offices corruption exists at its peak in Nepal.

Corruption is one of the main reasons behind slow progress in the country. The level of corruption exist drastically and specially at government level. The government officials undoubtedly the most corrupt. Widespread corruption exists in all field and has really affected the development of country.

Corruption has hindered so many process and yet sometimes even the decision making authorities are charged of corruption in the country. The courts and judicial system itself multiple times have been accused of corruption. In such scenario there is an agency in country that works for investigation of abuser of authority and corruption and puts check and control mechanism to it. Today this article talks about the Commission of investigation of abuse of Authority (CIAA).

Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Ayog

What is CIAA (Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Ayog)?

CIAA (Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority) is a body to investigate. Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Ayog is to control the social level corruption that starts at higher level. CIAA works as successor of Commission on controlling abuse of authority in 1977. Corruption in Nepal prevails at different level and dimension. Corruption has deep roots in Nepali community. The main reason behind corruption is weakness of government and administrative authorities. But the shocking truth is that corruption exists at those bodies as well. those bodies. Corruption control is the most urgent task country needs to perform in present scenario and CIAA has authority to do the same. The interim constitution 2007 gave it the authority.

The interim constitution allows CIAA (Akhtiyar Durupayog Anusandhan Ayog) to investigate and report case against people involved in corruption. At the same time it also check the judicial system for proper implementation and formulation of laws. CIAA aims to bring reformation in the society and country as a whole by ending the widespread corruption. CIAA is also termed as a anti corruption agency.It has been working all these years with the aim of ending corruption.

Functions of CIAA

It investigates agencies and government offices susceptible to corruption with a system based approach. The interim constitution itself defines the authority and responsibility of the commission.. It focuses on detection and giving punishment to individuals charged of corruption aiming to bring socio- cultural reform in the country. Through its tentacles spread all over the country CIAA has been performing its activities effectively.

Mission of CIAA

As an apex constitutional body for corruption control, CIAA operates with aim of attaining good governance by taking effective actions against corruption. They even work for establishment of rule of law in the country.

 How fair is CIAA?

CIAA is definitely one of the most effective government body. In last years of its operation CIAA has done commendable jobs in revealing corruption in different government offices and has arrested many popular personalities in all its years of operation. But recently Nepalese hear the most shocking news. It was then when the officials of CIAA themselves were charged of corruption. Lets see where these ends and how fairly CIAA operates in coming year.