All Scholarship lists for MBBS for Nepalese

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery courses are available at various medical institutions/universities in Nepal. In total, there are 1835 seats allotted for MBBS students in Nepal.

However, seats available for the MBBS Scholarship are a total of 356 only.


List of Institutes with the number of seats in Nepal

Below is the list of institutes and universities with the number of total seats provided by those instructions;

College/University                                  Seats
Tribhuvan University                                  750
Kathmandu University                                  900
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences                                  100
Patan Academy of Health Sciences                                   65
Karnali Academy of Health Sciences                                   20

These universities/ institutes in Nepal provides scholarship for students. Out of the total, only 356 seats are for Scholarships.

List of Quota

For the individual to compete for the quota, he/she should attain 6-10 grades from Government School.

45% of seats out 100% should are allocated for different quotas. Taking 45% as 100% of seats are divided as follows:

  • Women: 33% (compulsory for 3% Dalit Women and 2% Muslim Women)
  • Khas Arya: 17%Adivasi / Janajati: 15%
  • Madhesi: 12% (3% seats mandatory for Madhesi Dalit)
  • Dalit: 9%
  • Tharu: 4%
  • Marginalized group: 4%
  • Muslim: 2%
  • Handicapped: 2%
  • A family member of Martyrs, Family member of Disappear, Family member of the Injured warrior, Dwand Pidit: 2%


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MBBS student


Aboard scholarship: by Medical Education Commission (MEC)

Scholarship in China:

The Chinese government offers scholarships each year for the MBBS. The selection of students will likely be based on the results of the Common Entrance Examination. Since Chinese is the primary language of instruction in China, all students must attend language classes. The deadline for scholarship applications is around October or November.


Scholarship in Egypt:

The Egyptian government offers about 3 scholarship seats each year to students who wish to study medicine in Egypt. The selection of students will likely be based on the results of the Common Entrance Examination. Students who want to apply for the Scholarship offered by the Egyptian government must have an overall grade point average of 70% in their +2 exam.

Scholarship in Pakistan:

Total of 10 scholarships for MBBS for deserving students. To be eligible for the Scholarship offered by the Pakistani Embassy in Nepal, students must have received an overall grade average of 65% in their +2 test.

Scholarship in Russia:

About 5 scholarship seats are granted annually by the Russian Federation to MBBS students from Nepal. The Common Entrance Examination (CEE) merit list is the most likely basis for student selection. To qualify for the Russian Federation Scholarship offered in Nepal, students must achieve an overall grade point average of 80% in their +2 exam. Since Russian is the language of instruction in Russia, all students are required to attend language classes.


Embassies providing Scholarship

Every year, various nations provide Nepalese students Scholarship seats through their embassies to pursue medical and build careers abroad. A number of embassies in Nepal have offered these scholarships.


Bangladesh Embassy:  MBBS Scholarship in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi government offers 19 or so MBBS scholarship places to students from Nepal each year. The SEE and +2 exams are used to determine the candidates.


India Embassy: MBBS Scholarship in India

A small number of MBBS scholarships are offered to Nepalese students each year by the Indian Embassy in Nepal. Students must take the India-conducted NEET exam. The NEET exam score is used as the primary criterion for selecting students.


Japanese: MBBS Scholarship in Japan

The Japanese government offers  1-2 MBBS scholarships to students from Nepal each year. Students must take the exam administered by the Japanese Embassy, and selection is based on the entrance exam results. To qualify for the Scholarship, students must have an overall grade point average of 75% in SLC and +2. The entrance exam is held in July. The question includes these subjects: English, Japanese, Biology, Chemistry, and Math.


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