Nepali film industry has been upgrading every year . We have seen the progress of Nepali film industry a lot in these few years. Many actors and directors have contributed to this improvement and we can now proudly say that Nepali film industry is reaching new heights.  Previously people didn’t use to go to cinema to watch Nepali movie but it would not meet the expectations. But now there are some films which are so good that reach above our expectations. In 2020 as well, there were many movies with amazing story line, great direction and contribution by the most talented actors. In no particular list I am listing the names of  all time favorite Nepali films :

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One of the most iconic film in Nepali film industry is Loot. This is a movie one of its kind.  This is crime action genre movie where four characters plot to loot a bank .  they are at the height of The characters and the perfect direction makes thus movie a full package. The characters such as Haku kale played by Saugat Malla is the gem of thus movie. The characters  are loved by many and the dialogue “ Bal haina pasa dimag laga “ is still so famous among youth in country.

The movie was directed by Nischal Basnet and has the biggest star casting of Malla  as Haku Kale, Dayahang Rai  as Gofle, Karma Shakya  as Nare, Reecha Sharma, Praween Khatiwada, Prateek Raj Neupane  as Khatri, Sushma Karki, Sushil Raj Pandey  as Pandey, Srijana Subba, and Uttam Neupane. This movie is also the one that regained audience faith towards Nepali film industry. The movie was a big hit and still is one of best movie ever .

Pashupati Prasad

In the time, when happy commercial movie were ruling the industry,  The movie Pashupati Prasad was a fresh one. It is not the conventional movie with happy ending but a movie that depicts the reality of many Nepali who live in poverty their whole life. This movie is harsh but very realistic.  Pashupati Prasad was directed by  Dipendra K. Khanal . Khagendra Lamichhane played the lead character  and did so much justice to the role.  He spends his entire life trying to pay his debt and at the end suffers a tragic death without any of his dreams This great move earned very good critics response with 12 national awards . And also was nominated for Oscars. It got 9.5 on 10 rating in IMDB and the response of the audience also totally proved the worthiness of this movie.

Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

In a society like that of Nepal, Soongava was a very daring movie and that is one of the reason why it makes it up to the list. This is Nepal’s first and only lesbian romance movie that was totally beautiful. It had the cast of Saugat Malla in and as Milan, Deeya Maskey in and as Diya and Nisha Adhikari in as Kiran. The love story between Diya and kiran blooms slowly as they realize about their sexuality. This movie is simple and has a very good flow. As audience as well, I loved the flow of this movie and the work of all the cast members. I specially loved the character Kiran played by Nisha Adhikari. This is undoubtedly her best performances. This is a very time suited movie and of course a big risk in a country like Nepal where LGBTs still struggle for recognition. But the film did quite well and it even received very good critics response. The movie came in 2012 and still is one of the best movie.


Jhola is a movie based on novel by  Krishna Dharabasi. The director and the whole cast did such a great job in the movie that it came out the best. There is no movie like Jhola. Garima panta played the role so beautifully that it is still unforgettable. It takes us back to the time when Sati pratha used to exist in Nepal. This is a story of a young women who doesn’t sacrifice herself after death of her very old husband. She runs away from society and saves herself from Sati Pratha. Sathi pratha was deeply rooted in those times and the novel was written based on that. Even though Sathi Pratha doesn’t exist anymore, this movie could touch audiences heart . It is a masterpiece in all terms and the credit goes to the writer, cast members and talented Director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai. The actress Garima Panta grabbed The Best Actress title at SAARC Film Festival in 2014 for her amazing performance in the film.

Darpan chaya

When we talk about all time favorite Nepali movies, there is no way we miss Darpan Chaya.  The amazing start cast, the story line and above all direction of Tulsi ghimire, there is nothing wrong in this film. The cast of the movie include Dilip Rayamajhi as Raj, Niruta Singh as Smiriti and Uttam Pradhan as Abhi. This movie was released in 2001 and the story revolves around three college students. The movie was so ahead of its time and it touched the audience right in the heart . The movie was a big hit among audience and also among critics.

Kusume Rumal

Kusume Rumal is another masterpiece by the most talented Tulsi Ghimire. Tulsi ghimire movies are just amazing and no one can deny that. The story revolves around three characters and the love story between these characters. The story is sweet simple yet very touching.

The star cast included Udit Narayan Jha as Amar, Megastar Bhuwan K.C. as Arjun and Tripti Nadakar as Suniti. The cast did a great job in making this film a hit. It was the first movie in Nepali industry that ruled cinema for 25 consecutive weeks.   And of course  we can’t miss the evergreen songs from this movie . The songs like “Kusume Rumal “ and “ Suna Vana na ‘ have no match. Many singer have even made the remake of these songs but still the original one remains on top always.