Nepal is a rich country in terms of culture, diversity, language and ethnicity . There are many  ethnic groups who live together here in peace and with the diversity there are different food items and cousine. There are mouth watering dishes that you can prepare at home and enjoy.  But Nepali cousine is  very underrated in my view. We have variety of mouth watering dishes ranging from sweet to spicy.   And believe  me ,with right technique and spices, these food items will  give you the ultimate happiness. In the article I am listing my favorite food items from Nepal. This article is specially dedicated to all the foodies out there.  

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Daal Bhat tarkari

There is no way I am listing best food items from Nepal and Daal Bhat tarkari doesn’t make it up to it . It is everyone’s favorite dish. As the saying goes “ Daal Bhat Power 24 hour “, this is the ultimate secret of our energy. And when it is prepared by your mother, there is nothing that can be better than this. When Daal Bhat Tarkari comes with achar and khasiko Masu, there is nothing that i want more. Daal Bhat Tarkari is so good that we Nepalese can eat it twice a day and still not get bored. No Nepali household is complete without Daal Bhat Tarkari.

Mo Mo

Mo Mo is lifeline of we Nepalese. And mo mo is not just famous in Nepal but all over the world. It comes in wide variety, chicken, veg, buff and anything as per your choice. Mo Mo is only dish from Nepal that is popular all over the world. Not just Nepalese, people from all over the world are big fan of mo mo. It is called dumpling in other parts of world.

It is basically flour dumpling with fillings as per your choice. The uniqueness is the way it is cooked. It is steamed and served hot with achar. Achar is the king of the dish. A spicy achar makes the dish perfect . No wonder it is our all time favorite for lunch, for dinner or even when you are full. You can never say no to mo mo.


Laphing is food of Tibetan origin. It is better considered a  snack than a full meal . It is a spicy food item that has the most amazing flavors.  Laphing is very popular in Nepal and if you want to experience the best of it make sure to visit bouddha .You will find wide varieties of it and the best thing is that laphing is very easy to your pocket as well. It is a street food easily available in Nepal specially in Kathmandu and Pokhara . It is something like noodles served  with red pepper chili, cilantro, green onion sauce and soya sauce. These flavors combined together give you the perfect snack to munch on.

Makai vatmas

Makai Vatmas is all time favorite Nepali Khaja .It is quite popular specially in remote areas of Nepal. The best thing about Makai vatmas is that it is very healthy and gives you the just required protein . It is basically fried corn and soyabean seeds mixed together. It is often consumed with Sadheko Gundruk  and mula ko achar. It is easy to prepare and you can even store it for later use. That’s  one of the reason why it is very popular .Makai Vatmas is being eaten since very long time. In past days when people had to do hard work that required a lot of stamina, Makai Vatmas used to fulfill that need. Still now it is preferred by many and thus Makai Vatmas makes up to this list.

Samaya Baji

Samaybaji  is a typical newari dish. It is combination of different newari food items served together . It is a complete package and is often prepared in special Newari  and  during the major festivals of Nepal like Indra Jatra, Dashain, Tihar. In other days as well it is eaten as khaja . Samaybaji comprises of  beaten rice, fried fish, Bara ,boiled and fried egg, flavored soyabean seeds and black eyed peas,fried spinach and potato and finally achar. It is not an easy dish to prepare but when it is ready it is a complete package. It  is basically the most famous newari dishes combined together and served in a plate.


Chhoila is the speciality of Newari people of Nepal. It is no doubt one of the best Nepali dish. Chhoila  is simply  buffalo  meat prepared with special process. First we cook the meat and then mix with different spices. That make it full of flavor. The cooking process is also quite different which gives it a smoky flavor. Once cooked, we mix it with lemon, ginger, garlic, coriander, green onion, spices and then serve. It is more than just a flavored buffalo meat, the technique followed in the process makes it very special and unique. Chhoila is definitely a dish you must try at least once in your life. And believe if you try once, you will end up wanting more.

Alu Tama

Alu tama is  a curry very popular in Nepal. Tama is young bamboo shoots stored in special way that it gains a unique flavor. Tama when mixed with potato and cooked becomes the most tasty curry ever. It has a savory taste and very unique flavor. Nepalese prepare this dish in special occasions and has a soupy texture .People often eat with cooked rice. This dish is exclusive to Nepal . While many of them love it, there are some who can’t even smell it since it has a very strong taste and flavor.

These were some of my favorite dishes. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite dish in the comment section.Is there something I am missing out  ? Every mom has their own speciality, Which is the dish that your mom makes which makes your taste buds go crazy ? Don’t forget to mention this in the comment section below.