We all have those days when you have nothing to do. Stay in bed all day and think of how bored you are rather than doing something. But we can always get out of that bed and do something interesting. Just call your friend and explore different places. There are lots of amazing things to do in Kathmandu.

And if you are in Kathmandu you are sure to get thrilled by varieties you can do here. Yeah, it’s polluted and always very busy but Kathmandu is more than just that. Make sure to put on your mask before stepping out and maybe avoid white clothes. If you can prevent yourself from the pollution then, believe me, Kathmandu is not that bad in fact it is not bad at all.

Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal

 The capital of the country, Kathmandu is a gem in itself.  It is got quiet serene places while the loudest wild places, places where you can learn and places where you can chill. Places with historical beauty and importance and places with the most modern feel. Kathmandu has it all. In the article, I am listing a few amazing things you could do in Kathmandu.

Visit the heritage sites                           

 When I talk about amazing things you could do in Kathmandu, there is no way I would forget Durbar Square. There are durbar squares you could visit and get lost in that historical beauty. The three heritage sites: Kathmandu Durbar square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar square are a gem of Kathmandu. The pleasing vibes, the architecture and the feel you get is just not explainable.

Specially, in patan durbar square  when you make your way through the alleys and finally reach the place, you find yourself in the old times. I can actually see the beautiful queen and princesses peeking out of the window. Kings taking important decisions for their people. I just go want to that zone and i love that feel.

These durbars can actually refresh you and give you this beautiful feel. Also when you are there you even get to meet our living goddess the Kumari.  So next time you are bored, just think of this place instead of staying in bed all day.

Explore great places to eat

 Kathmandu definitely has the list of best restaurants.  There are fancy places, pocket friendly places and restaurants with all variety of food items. Well, mo: mo is definitely everyone’s favorite.  You could visit Thamel, Boudhhha, Durbar marga, Naxal for some great places to eat. They have varieties of restuarants serving all kind of foods.

nightlife in Kathmandu
Nightlife in Kathmandu

In bouddhha, you will get special tibetan cousine including the all time famous Laphing. And in durbar marga you will find varieties of continental and Italian cousine. And in Patan you will find the typical local newari restaurants that serve you the best newari food . So make sure to get out and explore this places.

Put on your shoes and go out to hike

Around the edge of Kathmandu there are beautiful places you can hike. Kathmandu is not just a polluted city, it has natural beauty to offer as well. Just gather some friend, pack your backs, tighten your shoes and walk. It could be a short getaway for you.

Best places to hike form my experience is Champadevi, White house, Chandra Giri and Tarkeshowr. Nagarkot is another very good place to hike. The hill station situated only 30 kilometers away from Kathmandu has all that you need.

annapurna circuit

Watch sunrise and the spectacular view of mountains or roam around the beautiful place. These places are total safe and it is a hike of around 3 or 4 hours. You  can start early in the morning and come home by the evening.

Visit Pashupatinath

I know you must be wondering how pashupatinath made it to the list while I am talking about restaurants and clubs, but believe me It is magical. Pashupatinath is more than just a temple for me. It is more than just a temple for me.

Yes, you get peace when you are in the periphery but when everytime I visit Pashupatinath, I realize the real meaning of life. When you see people bidding farewell to their loved ones forever, you realize how uncertain life is and how stupid we are that we don’t appreciate it.

pashupatinath temple
pashupatinath temple

Also the vibes I get from there, the evening Arati, it is just so magical. I am sure there is no one who doesn’t like being around Pashupatinath Area. Not just Pashupatinath, Kathmandu is the city of temples So there are so many places you could go.

Travel to Godawari

People often say that Godawari is quite overrated but actually I feel it’s underrated. It has got amazing things. Just a quick gateway from polluted city . You can reach godawari from Ratna park in half an hour drive and the feel is just amazing.

It is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu it is best place for a quick romantic gateway. There are beautiful and luxurious hotels you can stay in. The dense forest, the picture perfect setting in the botanical garden is all you need.

godawari park
godawari park

Just relax and enjoy your time in this serene place. The hilly tracks, botanical garden and the Naudhara pagoda are some of the attraction of this place.  And if you are going in rainy season, make sure to take your umbrella because you never know when does it rain in Godawari.

Go out for evening drink

 They say drinking is injurious to health but it’s good to sometime take a break and chill. Gather with your friends maybe and just talk about how life is going. And believe me talking mixed with drinking, there is no better combination.

maya pub thamel
maya pub thamel

To list out my favourite places, Mezze Roadhouse at Durbar Marg and Tom & Jerry Pub tare the one of best lounge bars. And maybe you would want to part then there are Purple haze, Trisara and the copper floor. These places are wild at the same time very decent.