What is Annapurna Post?

Annapurna post is one of the daily newspaper with the format broadsheet. It is written in the form of the Nepali language. It is owned by Nepal News Network International Pvt. Ltd. It is also known as 3NI and Annapurna Media Network. It is published from Kathmandu, Itahari, Butwal, and Kohalapur of Nepal.

Where is Annapurna Post?

It has headquartered in Tinkune, Kathmandu. It was founded on May 1, 2002, i.e. about 14years before. And Rameshwor Thapa was the founder of this newspaper and Yubaraj Ghimire had been the editor-in-chief of the newspaper since 2015.

As we know, it is owned by Nepal News Network International Pvt. Ltd (3NI). It is one of the growing multi-platform media houses destined to enable social leadership and economic development through responsible media practices. It is an organization established in 2013, which beliefs in truth, ethics, and ability. It is clear void journalism in the nation that gave birth to a concept of creating a media platform that could practice ethical journalism while contributing to the social leadership and economic growth of Nepal.

Annapurna Post

After a few years of planning and strengthening the base for this vision the core team of 3Ni went to all Nepal tour to research what the country required out of media. And after much deliberation and analysis, 3NI acquired Annapurna post in 2013. It is one of the leading Newspapers in the country with a clear vision inspired by a strong team and a clear business model.

Why read Annapurna Post?

It has a vision of enabling social leadership and economic development. As well as it has three core values i.e. Truth, as an organization is based on truth and has the right or courage to speak the truth. Ethics, there has ethical integrity to stand by the right. And the last one is Ability; an organization has the ability to raise a voice, achieve innovatively, and contribute to the community and environment. It has got some missions they are:

  • content with purpose only
  • content related to every aspect from every corner of the country
  • Research 360 days to gain perspective which is unbiased and honest
  • to the relevant, accurate news on time

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How to read Annapurna Post Epaper?

We can watch a newspaper online by visiting its site www.annapurnapost.com. Annapurna Post can watch on YouTube too by visiting its sites. The process to check online Annapurna post Epaper are:

  • first, we should open any of the one browsers from which we can go to official websites we want to.
  • second, we should type the full name of websites i.e. www.annapurnapost.com.
  • Third, if we want Epaper of newspaper then type annapurnapost.com/epaper/.
annapurna post epaper

By applying the above process, we can go to the official site of Annapurna post where we can find the Annapurna Post Epaper of each and every past or current news we want to read.

Annapurna post is one of the daily newspaper which gives different information about what is happening in the world. Annapurna post provides a good platform where we can share our views, ideas, any article as well as we can give information to the reports what we see or what we observe or research from different criteria. We can share our views and show our talent, creativity and so on to others with the help of Annapurna post. It plays an important role to create awareness among people and tries people to be alert from being cheated and so on.

Step by step guide to read Annapurna post online

Now you can read Annapurna post online. Please follow the given steps carefully:

  1. First open up any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer or torch you are familiar with.
  2. Type the web address annapurnapost.com and click the enter button. You can also directly click on the link given here.
  3. You will be directed to the homepage of Annapurna post.
  4. On the header, there is ePaper. Click the link.
  5. Now, ePaper will open. Click on Annapurna Post Epaper.
  6. Your e-Paper will load and is ready for use.

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