How to apply EDV 2020 online from home?

EDV, which is known as the electronic Diverse Visa for USA which is open to certain countries every year. It is a type of lottery as the selection is made randomly from the total applicant from all over the world. To apply EDV 2020 is completely free and there is no charge at all while apply for the EDV lottery form.

If you meet the criteria that are provided by the USA then anyone can apply for the EDV and it can be done from home also. Filling EDV form is a very easy process and it can be completed within 15 minutes. On the process of applying for the EDV, it seems challenging to meet the standard criteria for the photo as we all may not be the professional in taking and making the photograph that is suggested by EDV lottery department.

EDV 2020 official

edv 2020 form

Except for the photograph, there is no hurdle while applying an EDV form from home too. If you have internet access and if you know the website where you can get the form then you definitely can fill up the form your self. To apply EDV application form we need to get into the official site EDV that is where we get the application form to apply for the EDV every year. The EDV form is normally open on 5-10th of October and last for 30 days. Whereas the result is published after 6 months from the time we have applied EDV form. we can check the status of our result once the result is declared by the government by using the same unique code that is provided to us at the time of submitting the online EDV form.

EDV 2020 requirement

Once we get the EDV entrant form, we can start up with the personal detail. To be eligible to apply for the EDV form one has to at least complete the higher secondary level education that is equivalent to +2 in the context of Nepal. In the same way, you need to clearly provide the home address and other detail according to the information that is available on your citizenship card. All the detail can be filled from your home with the help of the internet access and then provide the photo according to it is being specified for the DV lottery that is 300px to 414px. Once you complete filling the form you can check the detail that you have provided may contain any error.

Submit EDV form

Once the checking is done you can submit the online form you have to wait until the DV confirmation is code is available. Once we get the DV confirmation code, there you will have the various information like the detail of the applicant and the code that is essential to check the result of EDV later on. If you lose the confirmation code paper than to will have trouble checking the result so it is better to print the confirmation code page and keep it safe. You also need to make sure that the window of the application applied is open until you get the confirmation code and you print it the right way. So you have to make sure while filling the EDV form from home you need to be able to print the confirmation code page or make sure you save it somewhere safe so that you can retain at the need of it.

This is how one can simply fill up the online EDV form from home without spending even a single rupee and make sure you did not pay any money to anyone as it is completely free to apply for the EDV from Nepal.

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