Australia Education visa is sensitive. There are numerous things to know before you apply for a Australia student visa. These points are very much important if you are applying for Australia student visa. These points guide you and help you from beginning of visa process to the end of visa process. Study these points well and start for Australia education visa application.

Australia Education visa requirements

  1. The subject you are going to study in Australia must match with your previous studies.
  2. Good English language skills must. For that you can choose any one on IELTS /PTE /TOEFL /CAE (Usually Diploma = 5.5, bachelor = 6.0, and master = 6.5 IELTS over all score is needed.)
  3. You must know about university or college. Basically, you must know about city, address and course structure of your university/college.
  4. If you are asking for offer letter and you are depending on some agents, you need to know if it is authorized agent or not. You can get these details on University website agent list.
  5.  Before asking for Offer Letter, it is better to know your expenditure, annual fee structure, insurance fee, bank balance, annual income etc.
  6. Bank balance with 3 months statement is needed or Education loan. You need to show the source of income with proof.australia education visa
  7. You need to show bank balance or loan of A$ 1960 + 1 year tuition fee + miscellaneous expenditure A$ 3000.
  8. None of your original documents are sent to Australian high commission. Your notarized photocopy (xerox) is sent to AHC.
  9. Signature must be same on passport, visa form and university form. It is better to take help from agent during filling up visa application form.
  10. Check date, authenticity of documents you are submitting along with your visa form.
  11. Take bill before paying for agent, AHC visa fee, courier fee and other miscellaneous expenditures.
  12. Keep 2 to 3 months duration during Australia education visa application.
  13. In case of married and dependent, Colleges and universities accept marriage which is older than a year only. Many institutions are not providing offer letter for dependency cases for diploma studies and bachelors studies.
  14. You can also submit visa of your partner later which needs minimum time frame of 6 months.
  15. Students applying after completion of 10 + 2 having education gap, score below 60% and married cases are not provided with admission by SVP.
  16. Students must be prepared for interview after visa application. After a successful interview, AHC will release your Australia education visa.