Now days Australian High Commission is taking interview with most of the visa applied students and some students are getting rejection by their weak answer. So, we would like to request you to prepare very well for the interview. Below are some common questions but it will be case by case.
Why you want to study in Australia?
Why not in your home country?
Why you want to study this course?
Tell me about your previous studies (completed course, college, completed month/year, academic percentage etc.)• If you have education gap why?
What you have done in this gaping time?
Is that related to your previous academic and future course?
If you have work experience (Office name, Phone No., location, duration of work, position, duties and responsibilities, salary etc.)
If your work experience is not in the related filed why you worked in different sector?
What is your future plan?
How this course is related to your future plan and how this will help you in future?
Is the similar course is available in your home country?
If yes why not in your home country?
What research you have done about the possibilities to study same course in your country?
What is your class commencement date?
When your course will be finished?
What is the duration of your course?
How many courses you have enrolled? (You need to know start date, finished date, duration, fees of each course)
How many units you need to study to complete your full course?
How many units you need to study each semester?
What are the subjects you need to study in your course in first semester, second semester, third semester etc.
How much is total fees for your course?
How much is per year fees?• How much is per semester fees?

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If you have ELICOS what is the duration of ELICOS and why you are packaging ELICOS?
Which are the other universities or colleges you have researched before making final decision to study in your current college or university?
Why other universities or colleges are not suitable for you?
What are the differences between these colleges and universities?
In which city your university or college is located?
What do you know about that city?
In which state your university of College is located?
Why you want to study this course in this University or College?
How you came to know about this University or college?
When you have planned to be return from Australia?
Will you work in Australia?if yes what is the work limitation for international student in Australia?
What you aspect form the part time work?
Which are the sectors normally you can get part time job and do you aspect to cover your living cost, tuition fees from that earning?
Do you know about the Post Study Work?• Will you apply for PSW? If yes when you can apply for the PSW and how long will be the duration of PSW?
What you will get from the PSW?• What is the Living cost per year for student?
What is the living cost per year for dependent?
What is the travelling cost for student and dependent?
How much will be the weekly living cost for you in Australia?
How you will arrange your accommodation in Australia?
Will you apply for PR after completing your course in Australia?
In which sector you can work after completing your course ?
What is the job opportunities in your course related field in your home country?
From where you have arranged your OSHC?
Do you have any relatives in Australia?
If yes provide the details about them• How you are going to fund your education?
What are the sources of income of your parents/sponsors?
Who are sponsoring your for your study?
What financial documents you have submitted to support your visa application? (Loan or Bank Balance)•
How you have taken educational loan?• What is the duration of loan? Interest rate? Bank Name,
How much is the per year income of your family?
They can support your entire expenses for your study?
What is your passport no.?
What is your date of birth?
How many members are there in your family?
Do you have any brother or sister studying abroad?
If you want to work after your education, how much salary do you expect to get?
Are you single or married?• If married what is your spouse’s name?
Your spouse is also accompanying with you?
What is the highest qualification of your spouse?
What is your married date?
How much is the living cost in Australia for your dependent?
What will be doing your dependent in Australia?
Why he/she wants to accompany with you in Australia?
What is your spouse’s passport number Date of Birth?
How was your marriage? Love or arranged marriage?
Why you want to take your spouse along with you in Australia?
What is your father-in-law, Mother-in-law’s name and what they are doing?
If you are studying Advance Diploma course, what you will do after advance Diploma course?
Will you be back after completing your advance Diploma course or will study further study?
If you will study further what level you will apply and what course you will be applying?
If you are applying in SVP colleges, why not in University?
Why not directly bachelor’s Degree in University?
Why Diploma/Advance Diploma?
In which Universities you can apply for Bachelor’s degree after your Diploma/ Advance Diploma?
Will you get credit from your diploma/advance diploma course? If yes how long?
What is your visa subclass?
How you can convince me that you are genuine student to study in Australia?
What are the visa conditions?
Can you change your colleges or University after being there in Australia?
Do you have plan to change the college or university?
What about the attendance requirements?• How many study hours there will be in a week?
If you have changed your education faculty why?

Prepare these questions well in order to have less change of visa rejection.