Auto news Nepal is a very important part of Nepal. Along with the development of road and transportation facilities in Nepal, the growing business of the automobiles and its accessories, spare parts, automotive oils and other parts used in automobiles have been seen in the Nepali market.

Even though the road condition is not very satisfying, the users of automobiles are increasing every year. There is a need for an auto news Nepal portal that keeps you up with the latest updates and trends in the industry.

In a scenario, Almost 30 percent of government revenue comes from the automobiles sector. Nepali users of four-wheelers have increased dramatically over the years and so have the auto news portals. Today in the article, we have listed a few auto news Nepal portals which provide automobile news of Nepal. They provide each and every update like vehicle tax in Nepal.

People have become brand conscious these days and they are ready to pay higher prices for their desired vehicle. In such a case, auto news platforms have been constantly updating the consumers and helping them get their desired car. They also provide a guide to renew bluebook in Nepal.

Auto news Nepal Web Portals

These portals give us information on launch date, price features, review and so on. With a touch away you get all the details required for your buying decision. The list has been made as per my view. Please tell us your favorite in the comment section below.

Auto life Nepal

auto life nepal

Autolife Nepal was started as an English automobile magazine in the Nepalese and international automobile industry. But today it is one of the top auto news portals. Recently they have launched the “Autolife App” for both IOS and Android systems.

They are well known for their exceptional delivery on the latest trend in the automobiles industry. Its viewers are from a variety of fields. On a single click, viewers can get all news on the auto industry. For more information:

Autos Arena

Autos arena is the other name that comes when we talk about the auto news platform. As per the name states, they cover news on everything on automobiles. They are even well known for their automobile review. They provide you an insight into the latest happenings in the automobile industry all over the world. Visit their website for more auto-related information. They also provide interesting information on Driving rule traffic sign speed limit in Nepal.

Auto Emag

auto news nepal

Auto Emag is another platform for this. They bring you the latest happenings in the automobile industry. You will be thrilled with their content. They update you with the latest trends, prices of your favorite car, launch date, features, and even product review. This is why they have managed to remain at the top. For more information visit their website on They also provide traffic rules of Nepal.

Nepal Auto

Nepal Auto is another name for complete information on the Automobile industry. They provide you all the details regarding price, launch date, features of automobiles. They cover news form Nepal and worldwide. They provide your product details, features, price and all the required information under the same page. You will get complete information on two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. So, next time you buy your vehicle make sure to check them out. For more information please visit their website: