Nepal has lots of standards cafes being operated and some huge names certainly include Alina’s Bakery Cafe and The Bakery Cafe which is a food chain of the Nanglo Bakeries. These cafes have now become brand and have chains and outlets in various cities and places all around Nepal, especially within valley.

Primarily established as Royal Alina’s Bakery Cafe, it is now knows just as Alina’s Bakery Cafe. It is serving from 1994 AD and has been attracting large crowd of diners with its delicious national as well as international cuisines. It has various outlets inside Kathmandu valley. Outlets at New Baneswor, Ason, Jawalakhel are some of the busiest ones. The cafe offers parking space as well as splendid bar and you can dig into delicious foods. The cafe caters Nepali, Chinese, Continental and Indian dishes. The cafe serves from 7 am in the morning till 9 pm in the night. Payment can be made via card too.

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Alina Bakery Cafe Menu

Here is a menu preview of Alina’s Bakery Cafe:

Paneer Tibetan Momo : 175.00

Garlic Chicken : 395.00

Chicken Manchurian : 225.00

Combo 1 : 215.00

Fruit Platter : 165.00

Pasta with White Sauce : 265.00

This isn’t all as the café serves 100s of other dishes.

The name that cannot be separated from cafe chains would be The Bakery Cafe which is a food chain of Nanglo. Nango Bakeries was established in 1981 to serve quality bakeries. Similarly, they jumped into food chains from 1991 establishing The Bakery Cafe and also introduced fast food culture in Kathmandu valley. This isn’t all as the entrepreneurs of Nanglo have also been operating Riverside Spring Resort.

The Bakery Cafe has outlets in various places such as Teku, Teendhara, Pulchowk, New Baneswor, Maharajgunj, Jawalakhel, Dharahara, Bhatbhateni and Boudha and employs 290 staff members. The Bakery Cafe is doing remarkable job hiring deaf people for the service. The Bakery cafe is widely recognized for their service and delicious foods. The café has motto: Eat, Drink, Indulge.

Here is a menu preview of The Bakery Cafe:

Kids Combo : 265

Smoothies : 160

Chicken Chilli Boneless : 275

Bhuteko Momo Cha : 185

Bandel (Steam/Fried) : 325

The Bakery Cafe and Alina’s Bakery Cafe are some of the leading names when it comes to food chains in Nepal. They have been serving with their delicious food for more than couple of decades. They are well known of their service, large space and spacious parking too. People enjoy going to their outlets, be it in group or alone and enjoy their food. Alina’s Bakery Cafe is in operation from 1994 and is dedicated to serving Kathmandu valley with their healthy and delicious food. They serve Nepali, Indian, Chinese and Intercontinental cuisines. Similarly, they also serve specials time and often. They have splendid bars too. They have outlets at different places like New Road, Ason, Jawalakhel and New Baneswor. They also serve quality bakeries. Here is a preview of menu of this cafe.

Chicken (Family Pack) : 750

Paneer C Momo : 175

Chicken Spring Roll : 225

Fish n Chips : 375

Chicken Supreme Pizza (Large) : 380

Badel Tareko : 350

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The Bakery Cafe is also a very popular food chain of Kathmandu Valley. They are owned by Nanglo International, a group that is dedicated to bringing hospitality to optimum standard. Nanglo International owns Riverside Spring Resort too and The Bakery Cafe has been their heritage food chain. There are numbers of outlets of The Bakery Cafe. Employing 290 staffs till the date, they are serving their fresh and quality bakeries and foods at Boudha, Bhatbhateni, Dharahara, Jawalakhel, Maharajgunj, New Baneswor, Pulchowk, Teendhara and Teku. They have deaf people in service in all their outlets as they believe that these people also need respectful life in the society. They are in operation since 1991. They also serve wide variety of foods: Indian and Chinese, Nepali as well as Intercontinental. They have been through long journey of service. Starting service from bakeries from 1981, it took them a decade to start The Bakery Cafe and now is successful with their vision. Here is a menu preview:

Newari Platter (4 Person) : 700

Aloo Sadeko : 130

Prawn Chilli : 500

Chicken Meat Ball : 225

Fried Fish : 285

Vegetable Soft Noodle : 245