बै‌‍कहरुको लापरबाही
This news has been viral over the facebook with lots of shares. Bank has crossed the limit of negligence. On a bundle of 500 rupees there was a note of Rs 10. We are also shocked seeing this.

We alert our visitors to be safe from this type of mistakes. Mistake happens, we need to be careful. Assure your received/withdraw money on bank itself. Check each and every notes before leaving bank.

We have found this photo shared by https://www.facebook.com/khem.alone which had around 1200 shares.

This is yet to be proved officially.If this is in fact than not only Bank loose their reputation but also the faith and belief of clients/customer and individuals like us towards Bank will extinct. Public awareness and also official awareness towards such incidents is a must so that, such mischief   wont occur in future.