BBA Course – Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree program. This business administration degree program usually takes around three to four years to complete the course. The BBA program covers different topics, such as management, marketing, finance, and accounting.

Notice Date: Jan 15, 2023

A BBA degree ensures leadership positions in the business world, the government and other reputed organizations. The students studying in the BBA program are likely to have the abilities necessary to excel in a range of business occupations; the curriculum strives to give them a broad grasp of business ideas and practices.

BBA Course Overview Scope, Eligibility, International Study

BBA Course Scope:

The BBA Course is a good starting point for several business-related job fields. Some of the scopes are mentioned below:

  • Company Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Managers
  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager


BBA Course Overview:

a. Business Foundations: This course of study concentrates on the basic concepts and rules of business, including management, marketing, accounting, and economics.

b. Financial Management: This course teaches students how to manage a business’s financial resources, including budgeting, wealth management, and investment decisions.

c. Marketing Management: This subject covers marketing fundamentals, including market research, product promotion, price, and development.

d. Organizational Behavior: This course examines ways to control individual and group behaviour in workplace setting.

e. Operations Management: This topic concentrates on processes, two examples of which are supply chain management and quality control.

f. Human Resource Management: The lesson on human resource management covers the management of people inside an organization, including hiring, training, and performance review.

g. Entrepreneurship: Besides business planning and strategy formulation, this course teaches students how to launch and run a minor firm.

h. International Business: This course on international business covers the ideas of conducting business in global market, including cultural variances, trade legislation, and currency conversion.

i. Business Ethics: This course examines ethical issues and moral ambiguities in the corporate world and how to respond morally to them.


Eligibility to Study BBA Course in Nepal:

  • The students must have completed high school (10+2)
  • They must meet the minimum GPA standard set by the colleges.
  • Must have passed the BBA program’s Central Management Admission Test (CMAT).
  • The students are selected through an interview process.


International Study of BBA Course:

Here is a list of international colleges that offers BBA degree:

  • INSEAD (France)
  • Northwestern University (US)
  • The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (US)
  • London Business School (UK)
  • Harvard University (US)
  • University of Oxford (UK)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (US)
  • Stanford University (US)
  • University of Chicago (US)
  • University of Cambridge (UK)


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