The trend of going abroad is increasing every day and so are the number of consultancies. Consultancies are basically agents that help you with you visa. These consultancies work for your student visa, work visa, tourist visa and all kind of visa you wish for. They even provide language classes for a new country.


Most preferred country of Nepali Students

Many students chose to go abroad for their higher studies . And consultancies are the ones to help people. Basically the top destinations of students for abroad study is Australia, America, United Kingdom, Norway, Canada , South Korea, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and so on. These are top preferences and consultancies help with this process. From choosing your subject to applying for university to final visa processing, Consultancies do all that work for you. With some fee  for their service ,consultancies help you with all these works.

Choosing the right Consultancy

We have also heard many fraud cases done by consultancies . Many consultancies enroll students to invalid university and later the students have to face huge trouble. It is very important to choose right consultancy for they can ruin or shape your future. Many  consultancies thug students and that leaves students nowhere. So make sure to choose the right consultancy . make sure to choose a reliable and trustworthy one . In no particular order I am listing some of the best consultancies in Nepal. Kathmandu is the ultimate hub for consultancies in Nepal so  most of the are located in Kathmandu.


It is one of the top names in consultancies . It is located in Baneshor, Kathmandu and has served hundreds of students since its inception. NIEC primarily provides admission in universities of Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada .Apart from that, it serves other countries as well. They help you with all your visa processing and until the day you get your plane tickets in hand.


NIEC also runs TOEFL, IELTS, PTE-A, SAT 1, GRE and GMAT classes. You can do all the things from the same consultancy from language to final visa processing. It also provides immigration services specially in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It has connection with some of the best universities in Australia, USA UK and New Zealand . These are the prime countries NIEC works with.  They only recommend certified and accredited Universities to their students.

 They claim to have the highest visa success rates. They will guide you through everything.  So, if you are planning to study abroad, NIEC can be a good choice. You can even get scholarship in American universities if you have the right skills . NIEC will connect you with the best universities in America that provides merit based scholarship.

For more information ,please visit their website :         

Himalayan White House Education Consultancy

Himalayan White House Education Consultancy abbreviated as HWHEC is one of the best consultancies situated in Putalisadak, opposite to Shanker Dev Campus .


It offers visa services for primarily following countries . They are UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands and Japan . So if one of  these is your dream country, make sure to visit HWHEC at least once. The experts and counselors will guide you through everything. They have years of expertise and will help you make right decision. They help you choose career and assist on achieving your goals. For more information visit the official website :

The Next Education Consultancy                                    

The Next Education Consultancy  is another name and is one of the most diverse and comprehensive service provider. It is located in Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. They have branches all over Nepal ,majorly in big cities and support office in Sydney as well. With its years of goodwill it has served hundreds of happy and satisfied clients .


They guide students to the best possible institutions from the very beginning and ensure the reliability of those institution . They individually choose universities for students and send them to the best universities. The major expertise of Next education consultancy is Australia. They have networks and connection in Australia that helps the students in every way even after landing to the country.

For more information visit the website  :

Dolphin Education Consultancy Centre Pvt. Ltd. (DECC)

  Dolphin Education Consultancy abbreviated as DECC was established in April 5th 2002 with group of professional and experts from a diverse field. From its inception its only motive is to provide best service to students willing to study abroad or earn degree from foreign Universities.

The location is also very convenient, situated in Putalisadak, Kathmandu . It also branches in major cities of Nepal : Pokhara, Biratnagar and Butwal.

Dolphin Education provides visa for following countries namely UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand .It  provides all kinds of services from choosing the right academic path to assisting in Visa. With their team of qualified counselors, you can even get suggestion making further choices.  You can totally trust the team DECC to help you achieving your goals. Make sure to give DECC a chance and they will satisfy you with their reliable services.

  Please visit their website for more information :

AECC Global

AECC Global started in 2001 and since then it has helped students all around the world . It operates in nine countries including Nepal. It has head office in Kathmandu and branches all over the country . The only mission of AECC global is to make international education accessible to all kind of students . They claim to be a different consultancy that will help you with everything from finding university to booking the plane tickets .


Other great thing about AECC global is that it has branches all over the world and it also helps you with new rules in new country. They help you with your insurance, banking service and even accommodation facility. So basically their service is not just limited in Nepal, they also help you after you reach your dream country.

Website :