Daily large number of students apply and went abroad for higher studies due to not having proper education facilities of quality education and proper universities. To enrich your mind with knowledge, positive vibes, more experiences, one of the fantastic opportunity is studying in abroad. You can find out the best place for abroad if you are having monotonous and lackluster in your college life or your student’s life.-2076

You can contact consultancies, which is not the only center for giving an educational technique for students who are applying for abroad but also one of the centers for business and sought after study abroad destination for Nepalese. There are different destination for Nepalese students for abroad destination. Some of them are USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Cyprus, Japan, Korea etc.

Study in CYPRUS

Cyprus is one of the Good study abroad destination for Nepalese students. Cyprus, a place where the East meets the west, which is located at the crossroad of 3 different continents. It is also known as a wonderful center for Nepalese students for business sought after abroad study. Cyprus, it has got a Mediterranean climate and many more interesting traditional events.

Cyprus,  known as best destinations for Nepalese students for abroad study as it is one of the country with the highly educated population and is one the member of European Union. Due to its very low crime rate and high standard of living it is recommended as a location for study.  Cyprus got a lot more reason why Nepalese students can choose for abroad studies, some of them are

  • Bachelor and Master’s degree in Cyprus is recognized worldwide.
  • English is the main language of instruction.
  • The living costs are affordable as being the standard of living in Cyprus is high.
  • Cyprus has high academic standards.
  • The crime rates are extremely low and a country is very safe.
  •  Mild and pleasant climate.
  • To all other European Union countries as well as US and Canada, Credits can be easily transferred
  • To all International students, Scholarships are provided that cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.
  • The learning environment is enhanced with the varied culture.
  • Students can work hard and then party harder.
  • Students are prepared to work in today’s marketplace.

Study in Australia

Australia, daily many Nepalese students are heading towards Australia for higher studies. Among 100 top universities over the world, Australia has got 7 top universities with over 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions. In the world, it has got 3rd highest number of international students studying in different institutions. On the basis of student mix, affordability, quality of life and employer activity, Australia has got 5 of 30 best cities in the world. Australia has got all elements regarding students when choosing the best destination for abroad studies. Australian government provide more than 200 million dollar as scholarship each year for making easier for students to come for higher studies which can make your future bright and it is one of the career opportunities for students who are planning for higher studies in abroad. The study areas of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Life & Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine & Pharmacy, and Physics, there is every chance within at least 1 university across 50 top universities. It has got an impressive education degree which is mainly consider before choosing any quality for abroad studies.

Cheap Universities in Australia for Nepalese

Students need to research well for finding out cheap university in Australia. University fee is different in different universities. Huge fee may create huge problem at the time being at Australia. So students need to make a time for selecting cheap and best university.

We have listed out few universities with their fee structure. This might help students and feel the difference between fee structure of different universities in Australia.

Cheap Universities in Australia

Fee structure for postgraduate coursework programs. Fee structure for MBA/MPA/MIT/MHM colleges/University.

Kings Own Institute fee 6000/semester
Central College fee 7000/semester
Central Queensland University fee 10440/semester
James Cook University, Brisbane fee 12000/semester
Australian Catholic University fee 11580/semester
Southern Cross University, Sydney/Melbourne fee 11240/semester
University of South Australia fee 14500/semester
Curtin University, Sydney/Perth fee 15300/semester
Deakin University fee 16500/semester
Charles Sturt University fee 8490/- and 11320/semester
University of Tasmania fee 12932/semester
ATMC+CDU fee 10720/semester
ATMC+Fed University fee 10400/semester

IELTS requirement for Postgraduate coursework program is overall score of 6, no band less then 5.5 and IELTS requirement may vary from university to university rules. It is well to have a research on selecting universities. Fee for postgraduate ranges from 6000 to 20000 per semester.

Australia also accepts PTE test which is available in Nepal.

Study in the USA

The USA has been known or listed as one of the leading country for its quality education. As per your academic and cultural preferences, USA offers you a various options. The reasons for choosing USA are that,

  • It is one of the renowned academia in the world, USA has got some of the top universities among 4000 universities in the world, which offers different courses in all academic field and a wide range of degrees. As among the 20 top universities in the world, 16 of them are universities of USA.
  • It has flexibility in academic, as according to student’s needs and interest the American higher education system offer a flexible options. Students who are at the undergraduate level can choose different courses before they choose for major at the end of the second year which gives time and options for students to explore their interest.
  • They provide career opportunities, a degree from reputed universities and a wide range of career prospects from international degree widens the scope even further. It broadens the career path of the students as different international companies choose them as a candidate and offer them jobs and perspective for their products
  • Use of technology, As USA is in top place in inventing and using of new technology. As due to use of new technology it makes the students sharpen to perform any sort of task.
  • Help and support for international students, as it is difficult for international students to get used to with the new student life in an international university. As many universities in USA provide better guidance and support to all students for achieving their success.

Study in Germany

Germany is the country having an invigorating culture with rich and complex history and something more which every students look forward than that of their country in new countries. It is one of the idea country for studying in abroad for Nepalese students. As there are world’s ranked universities found where students can complete their higher education or quality of education. As it provides innovative and international programs in order to provide awareness to the students. Yearly many students went to Germany for higher education as the German Education system highly focuses on an international domain. Lecturers from different nations are available to share their expertise as the universities are incorporated with its curricula and international study program.

For interested international depending on their aims and mode of studying as about 400 higher education institutes offer different graduate and post graduate programs. There are different courses available for different students of different faculties. Different natural and intellectual resources are worth exploring in Germany as due to which it is one of the diverse and interesting country for Nepalese students to study in Germany

There are many more destinations to study abroad for Nepalese students, where students can get quality of education, as well as their opportunities too, make their future bright or to grab a golden opportunity regarding their career.