We are providing the best ideas to prepare for MBBS after class 12 NEB. We have also listed the best entrance exam preparation for coaching centres and their location. Many of us had the dream of becoming a doctor as a child but how many of us have actually made that dream come true. MBBS is also one of the highest-paying occupations in Nepal.

Well, becoming a doctor in Nepal is not easy, either you will have to be ready to invest hundreds of thousands or you must get a scholarship on merit basis for studying MBBS.

Getting an MBBS degree from a medical college in Nepal is a big dream for many Nepali youths but the fee is so high that student belonging from middle-class family can never live that dream unless you get a scholarship and getting a scholarship is even tougher with so fewer government institutes and so few seats available, a student must put all his effort to get that lucky spot and study MBBS in a scholarship.

The scholarship available ranges from full to partial.

Right after you complete your +2 level you can enrol yourselves in any entrance preparation institute and can work towards making your dream come true. With the right technique and effort, you can definitely make your dream come true. But you need to have patient, positivity and passion.

I have seen many students spending years for the entrance examination and finally doing god in it that they earn themselves scholarship. With proper practice, you can ace your entrance examination at first try while for many you have to spend years.

Before listing the names Entrance preparation institution in Kathmandu, I am listing the available seats and entrance exam structure of reputed Medical institutes in Nepal.

entrance exam preparation for mbbs

Best Entrance Exam Preparation Center for MBBS

NAME MBBS Preparation

NAME is the most preferred institute in Nepal. The students of NAME occupies the most seat of IOM and MOE. Every science students are well familiar to the name NAME for its entrance classes. Website: https://www.name.edu.np/

Vibrant MBBS Preparation

Vibrant is the second largest institute for entrance preparation. The past record of Vibrant is also very good. It has produced many entrance toppers in past style. The unique approach to entrance preparation makes the institute stand out. Website: https://www.vibrant.com.np/. You will find a detailed fee structure and details of classes on the website.

Orbit MBBS Preparation

Orbit is another top institute in Kathmandu. Its address is Putalisadak, Kathmandu. It was established in 2008 to help students prepare for MBBS. For further details please visit the website: https://orbitmbbs.com/

MBBS Colleges in Nepal with number of seats

  1. Institute of Medicine (IOM): In IOM there are 42 seats and 1 seat with a full scholarship. The entrance exam usually takes place around the last of Bhadra and or first of Ashwin. The syllabus consists of Physics, chemistry, zoology and Botany. Website: www.iom.edu.np
  2. Out of many institutes for MBBS preparation in Nepal, we have listed top entrance preparation institutes in Kathmandu.
    MOE: There are 150 seats in MOE. The entrance exam takes place usually in Mangsir and Jestha. The syllabus consists of Physics, chemistry, zoology and botany. Website: https://moest.gov.np/
    BPKIHS: BPKIHS is the most reputed medical institute in Nepal and its entrance exam is considered to be most tough. There are 100 seats and entrance exam starts usually on Shrawan 2nd week. The syllabus consists of Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Aptitude of medicine and English, General Knowledge. Website: www.bpkihs.edu