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 A specialized monetary organization that supplies credit for the purchase of consumer goods and offerings through buying the time-sales contracts of retailers or by granting small loans directly to consumers.

Having your money on the line, you want to make sure that you make the best of choice. There are a lot of factors that make a finance company great. Well, here are five best finance company in Nepal in no any order

  1. Lalitpur Finance

Established under the Finance Company Act 2043, the first private sector finance company which is owned by Lalitpur District is the Lalitpur Finance Ltd. This company has been able to and is performing its features very successfully underneath the guidance of Nepal Rastra Bank. Due to their capability, this organisation’s financial end result displays its sturdy strength. Lalitpur Finance was once also listed in Nepal Stock Exchange on September 18, 1992. Transparency, accountability, statistics disclosures and stringent ethics practised at Lalitpur Finance Ltd.(Lafin), have now turn out to be its hallmark. The aforementioned concepts have not solely established to be prevailing formulae, however, in the years, Lalitpur FInance have additionally helped us win investor’s confidence. LAFIN helps customers in various organizations and household providing them revolutionary monetary products, solution and supporting them materialize their dreams. Lalitpur Finance provides varied economic services organization where speed, creativity, and responsiveness are the keys to their success.

2. Civil Bank

With the aim and vision of being able to declare itself as a most relied financial institution by means of imparting devoted providers to all client is the Civil bank founded via promoter getting together from various diverse expert backgrounds. Being able to render services to all class and sectors of society by empowering financial growth. The Civil Bank claims not to be playing around and is here to stay, they have absolutely no tolerance when it comes to regulations, policies, tops and prudential banking norms with a strong belief in being able to sustain its moral enterprise values. WIth the latest technologies and banking science, the bank steadfastly endeavours to create value for all stakeholders together with its promoter and shareholders.

3. Shree Investment and Financial Co. Ltd.

A “C” Class Financial Institutions licensed under Nepal Ratra BAnk is the Shree Investment and Financial. Through the hard work and persistence, this company has successfully able to take a position in the financial sector of Nepal and shown prominent growth over the time period. The company is dynamic in nature accepting, introducing and evolving new products and services. With the aim to constantly be revolutionary and hold up with modifications to fill the demands and provide satisfactory services to investors, shareholder, stakeholders and customers. The company currently has branched out 7 department offices outside of Kathmandu Valley and the headquarters is located in Kathmandu with the aim of continuously unfolding out to other locations of the country in near future

4.GoodWill Finance Limited

Established under the Financial Company act 2042, on 2051BS commenced its operation as a financial organisation under the license from Nepal Rastra Bank. This company is the main issuer of financial services with a special combination of dedication and idea execution. With the imaginative and prescient of offering satisfactory financial services for success. The Authorized Capital of the company is Rupees 1,000,000,000/- and the Issued Capital is 800,000,000/-. 51 per cent of the Paid-Up Capital is held by the promoter and remaining 49 is held by the general public. The shares of the Company are listed at Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE).

5.Sunrise Bank Ltd.

In an economy driven by way of appetite for success, Sunrise Bank Limited is “Rising to Serve” through defining new tiers of offerings and products. As a bank established by means of reputed entrepreneurs, we apprehend the desires of a developing economy and are properly geared up to serve them.expectation of its shareholders, depositors, customers and different stakeholders. The bank has dedicated to continuously try for realizing it is objectives with the aid of leading the banking in each and every the front with the expanded presence within and backyard the country. by targetting under-served or doable provider areas like SMEs and Retail businesses. They have reshaped and restructured bank’s infrastructures and systems and serviced by means of environment-friendly and knowledgeable staffs.

Hope this aricle was helpful. Good Luck!!