Nepal is such a beautiful place to spend your honeymoon trips. You will be amazed by the natural beauties, breathtaking views of the Himalayas, cultural diversities, and people-friendly environment. If you are planning for your honeymoon, then here are the top 10 destinations in Nepal.

Best Honeymoon Places in Nepal

Simply, a honeymoon is a holiday spent by newly married couples. Despite its literal meaning, it holds many meanings and values. It is the time when newly married couples explore each other and their relationship. And in a country like Nepal, where arranged marriage still exists, it is time when couples actually know each other. In a silent place without family members and relatives, they can fully explore each other and make the best memory.

best honeymoon places in nepal

In recent years, people have started going to foreign countries for their vacations. People mostly visit Asian countries and even European countries. While we go to a foreign country for vacation, how can we forget that Nepal is in itself the best destination?

Nepal has diversity, and there are so many places married couples can visit. Nepal has romantic places, beautiful mountain ranges, extreme adventurous destinations, warm villages and culture, and of course, luxurious hotels. It is indeed the perfect place for a honeymoon. The country is magical, beautiful, spiritual, mysterious, and romantic all at a time.

Nepal is the best place to give a fresh start to your new relationship. Spice up your relationship with a beautiful holiday in Nepal. This heaven will make your love life as fresh and as beautiful as it is. In the article, I will list a few Nepal destinations that are best for your honeymoon.

Balthali Village

honeymoon place balthali village

This village doesn’t have a lot of lakes or high mountains. It is just a normal place with warm people and culture. This village is only a few kilometers away from the major city of Kathmandu. Situated at around 40 KMs away from Kathmandu, it lies at the junction of the Roshi and Ladku rivers. The best thing about this village is it is isolated from the rest of the place.

It is a peaceful place surrounded by the peaks of Dorje laksa, Langtang. The mountains are clear and bright. The mountains are accompanied by the lush green Mahabharat Range. It has a thick forest with an abundance of floras, including Rhododendron, Magnolia, and Saal trees. This is the best place for a romantic gateway. If you are a nature lover, then you will never even want to return home. Enjoy to the fullest in this beautiful place yet untouched by modernity and fully decorated with culture and tradition.

Balthali hotel, Balthali Resort, and Balthali Eco hill resort are the best places to stay here in Balthali. April and May is the best time to visit, especially to get a clear view of the mountain peaks.


kathmandu honeymoon place

Kathmandu is another best destination for a honeymoon in Nepal. The best thing about Kathmandu is the temples. Give your marital life a blissful start with temples like Pashupatinath, Boudhanath stupa, Monkey Temple, Dakshinkali, and ancient heritage sites.

A well-known fact other than temples, the hotels, and clubs here in Kathmandu are a treat to the newlyweds. Enjoy the glittering nightlife at clubs and hotels here in Kathmandu. Hyatt Regency, Soaltee Crown Plaza, Hotel Annapurna, and Hotel Shangrila are some of the best hotels to stay in here in Kathmandu. April and May is the best time to visit Kathmandu.

In conclusion, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, can be another best option for your honeymoon destination since there are many five-star hotels where you can get world-class facilities. Beside, honeymoon seekers can explore different temples, stupas, cultures, and historical places in Kathmandu. You can enjoy the nightlife in Thamel, or you can spend quality time with your partner in the beautiful restaurant and cafes of Kathmandu. Shopping can be the best idea since you can get world-class products at a reasonable price.


pokhara honeymoon place

When we talk about romantic places, there is no way we forget Pokhara. The city of lakes, the city of mountains, even the city of grand hotels, Pokhara, has it all. Pokhara is the best tourist destination in Nepal and can also be your favorite honeymoon destination.

Dwell in the city, Go boating in the lakes or watch the sunrise, and to end your day, visit some famous clubs and restaurants. And if you happen to be an adventure lover, make sure to do paragliding. For a newly married couple, Pokhara is indeed a dreamland.

The picture-perfect setting with mountain peaks, deep valleys, winding trekking paths, and, to top it all, luxurious accommodation. Start a blissful year with blessings from the age-old temples. Some of the best places to stay here in Pokhara are Hotel orchid, Hotel Jalmahal, Hotel fishtail, Waterfront resort, and Hotel dream Pokhara. March and May are the best weather to enjoy the view.

In conclusion, Pokhara is the best destination for honeymoon seekers in Nepal. Pokhara has majestic views of Macchapucchre and Dhaulagiri that take away the heart of a newly married couple. It is the perfect place for the new couple to spend their time in Phewa lakes, enjoying the scenery of Annapurna ranges, different cultural heritages, trekking and enjoying lakeside life. There are many world-class hotels to spend quality time and have a wonderful honeymoon.


daman honeymoon place

Enjoy your honeymoon in the snow. Daman is the first name that comes when we talk about snow. Though it may sound unconventional to visit Daman for a honeymoon, believe me, it would be the best. Far from the city and the crowd, it will give you and your partner your privacy. It is a fairytale-like destination.

Enjoy the scenic view and the hills of Daman. Winter is the best time to visit Daman so that you can enjoy the snow with your partner. Go for an adventurous honeymoon with your partner and give yourself some time for bonding. Everest Panorama Resort, Daman eco-resort, Hotel hilltop, and the outlook Inn. Visit Daman and make the most of your special days.

In conclusion, Daman is just 80 km from Kathmandu. It can be the best place for honeymoon lovers since it is famous for the breathtaking view of the Himalayas like Mount Everest, Daman, and Dhaulagiri. You can explore the beautiful forest since it is a famous place for Laligurans. You can get the most pleasant, hospitable people around in Daman.


Bandipur is one of the cleanest cities in Nepal. Situated atop a hill, it is a blend of beauty and culture. There are warm locals and equally warm homestays to make the most of your honeymoon. Be fascinated with the Newari culture there.

Bandipur Nepal

You can trek in the Annapurna short circle, visit the thrilling Siddha Gufa or visit the silkworm farm. Another best thing about Bandipur is that there are many homestays and hotels.

The old Inn hotel, Hotel Bandipur, Gaun Ghar hotel, and hotel hilltop are some of the best names. Bandipur will isolate you from the city’s modernity and make you fall in love with the place. March and May is the best time to visit Bandipur, considering the climate there.

In conclusion, When it comes to honeymoons, how can anyone leave out Bandipur. It is one of the best places for honeymoon lovers as you can get an incredible view of unspoiled landscapes. You can explore the life of the Newari people and their culture too. You can also view the Himalayas like Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Langtang.


The Godavari is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu. It is the best place for a quick romantic gateway. There are beautiful and luxurious hotels you can stay in. The dense forest and the picture-perfect setting in the botanical garden are all you need. Just relax and enjoy your time in this serene place.

Godawari Botanical garden

The hilly tracks, botanical garden, and the Naudhara pagoda are some of the attractions of this place. February to April is the best time to visit this place, considering the climate. Some places you can stay are Godavari Village Resort, Hotel View Bhrikuti, and Brindaban Resort.


Sarangkot has always been appreciated for the sunrise view, but it’s more than that. It is a hill station in Pokhara that provides the city’s best view. And above all, Sarangkot offers paragliding. Dive from the hill with your partner and enjoy the magical feeling. It is a complete package for the newlyweds.

Sarangkot Pokhara

Sarangkot Sherpa Resort, Hotel hill view, and Hotel Mountain garden are some of the best places in Sarangkot to stay.


It is unusual to hear the name Bardiya when talking about honeymoon destinations. But it is one of the best we have in Nepal. If you are not such a conventional and adventurous couple, then no place can be better for you than Bardiya. Spend your time with the wild habitat.

As we know, it is Asia’s most significant area of tiger habitat. Trek in the jungles and isolate yourself from the daily routine. The key attractions include a wildlife safari, and you may get to see some tigers, the dense forest, and Tharu cultural museum. Do not forget to visit the crocodile and elephant breeding center.

Bardia National Park

Forest Hideaway, Hotel Mirror, and Nepal wildlife resort are some of the best hotels in Bardiya.

In conclusion, If you want to make your honeymoon one of the most thrilling experiences, then you can choose Bardia national park, which is the best location for jungle safari, wildlife exploration, and most importantly, watching tigers with your naked eyes by riding an elephant.


Nagarkot is near Kathmandu valley, one of the most famous tourist places. If you want to spend time with your new partner in a peaceful environment, then Nagarkot is the best place for you. It can serve you as one of the best memorable honeymoons of your life.

Nagarkot Tower

There is a large number of five stars hotels where you can spend quality time with your partner. You can view the Himalayan ranges, and the most interesting is you can get the most pleasant view of Sunset.


If you want to spend your honeymoon in one of the historical places of Nepal, then Gorkha is the best choice. Gorkha is the place where the grand unification of Nepal began. Along with your honeymoon, you can view the panoramic view of snow-capped mountains.

Gorkha Nepal

You can also see the spectacular view of Mt. Manaslu and Himalchuli. So, Gorkha can give you the historical moments and the beautiful Himalayans images on your honeymoon.

Chitwan Sauraha

Chitwan is best suited for jungle safari, bird watching, and elephant rides. The newly married couple can enjoy their best time in Chitwan with these activities that help their honeymoon to be one of the best moments of their life.

Chitwan Sauraha

Chitwan national park offers the best services to its guest. So, you can enjoy the local life of Chitwan and explore new cultures.


If you want to make your honeymoon one of the best and most remarkable moments of your life, then going to Mustang can be the best decision. You will be fascinated by its mythical aura and natural beauty. There are lots of hotels where you can stay, and you can explore the life of the Mustang people.

Mustang Nepal


Though many newly married couple doesn’t prefer going to Lumbini as their honeymoon destination, it can be a life-learning lesson for both the newly married couple if they choose Lumbini for their honeymoon. Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. So, you can explore the life of Buddha. You can learn more about enlightenment and get the feeling of peace that will surely help both of you for happy married life.

Lumbini Nepal