This maybe the least talk about subject and many people doesn’t seem to talk much about it. So we are here to share the love. #GivemorelovetoNepaliLiterature. Basically this article is for those audience who are into and shares love for literature focusing into Nepali literature mainly novels. If you haven’t read any Nepali books then this might be the best list for you to start with and make an impression and for the literature lovers, you can see if you have missed any of these or relive by reading the classics over again. So here is top 10 best Nepali Books that you should not miss.

Best Nepali Books to Read

  1. Karnali blues

This is one of the bestselling and most rated novel written by Buddhi Sagar. Karnali Blues is an epic story about a young boy who travels to different phases of his life; with his parents. Characters: Parvati Didi, Ekraj, Mamata Didi, Sharmila, Chandre, Bhagiram, Batu, Sadham, Mandire, Ramesh, Shiva Shankar etc.

Best Nepali Books to Read

  1. Palpasa Café

Awarded Madan Purashkar in 2005
Written by: Narayan Wagle
Story based on civil war declared by the Maoists.
Two central characters, Drishya and Palpasa
Sold 25,000 copies in the first year

  1. Antarman ko Yatra

Awarded Madan prize in 2068 BS.
Written by Jagdish Ghimire.

  1. Seto Dharti

Written by Amar Neupane.
Received Madan Puraskar

  1. Cheena Harayeko Manche

auto-biography of the Hari Bansha Acharya.
Autobiography depicts childhood memories, fantasies and the struggles

  1. Jhola

Written by Krishna Dharabasi. It is about Sati culture, Sati Pratha.

  1. Summer Love

Written by the writer Subin Bhattarai. Characters: Atit and Saya

  1. RaktaKunda

Nepali novel by journalist Krishna Abiral.

  1. Jiwan Kada Ki Phool

Written by Jhamak Ghimere

  1. Chapamar Yuwati ko Diary

Book was also awarded the prestigious Madan Sahitya Puruskar, Nepal.