Internet facilities and devices are so easily available in Nepal these days. Demand for services like GPRS, ADSL, wireless, and optical fiber data is increasing every day and so are the service providers.

online news Nepal

The service is also getting cheaper so people can afford it. They use the internet for not just Facebook but for many other purposes as well. With this, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of internet users in the country. Every new invention brings big change, the Internet is one of that. It has brought changes all over the world and in Nepal as well, the Internet has brought many changes. It has changed people’s lifestyles, attitudes, and the way they see the world. In the same way, Nepal is also progressing in terms of technology and we have seen many changes already.

 One of those is the pattern of reading newspapers. With the growth and ease of internet facilities, there has tremendous growth in online news portals. People used to buy newspapers before but now there is a trend of the online news portal. Newspapers still have their own significance but online portals are becoming more popular among Nepalese. Especially in urban communities with good internet facilities, Online new portals have grown a lot.

This is a very convenient way of getting information. There is no more need of going to the store and buy the newspaper. We now have access to every information and that too in our hands. There are many news portals that deliver the quickest and reliable news of Nepal. News portals as in Gorkhapatra, BishwaGhatana, OnlineKhabar, eKantipur, Setopati, Ganthan News, Ratopati, NepMag, eKantipur, The Himalayan Times are some of the most visited sites.

In the article today, we are listing a few most popular and most-read online news portals in Nepal.

E Kantipur

Ekantipur is a news portal run by The Kantipur Media Group (KMG). With the demand for an online news portal in Nepal, Kantipur कान्तिपुर दैनिक updated itself and started ekantipur service. Kantipur group is one of the most reputed media houses in Nepal and now the news portal is also one of the most popular in the country. The news portal runs with the same credibility as the Kantipur Media group and this has made it quite reliable. It is well known for its quick, fast, and reliable news delivery. The news portal provides new in both Nepali and English language. Just like the regular version of Kantipur post, the news portal offers The Kathmandu Post, Saptahik, and so on.

Nagarik News

Nagarik news is one of the most reliable and trusted news media in the country. And the online news platform of Nagarik is no less. Nagarik is owned by Nagarik republic media Pvt ltd and started on 29 April 2009. Since then it has been providing news and information in both Nepali and English languages. The English new portal is named

Annapurna Post

Annapurna Post needs no introduction, we all are familiar with the name Annapurna post. And so is the online version of Annapurna post. Annapurna post portal is the second most browsed online portal in Nepal. It is the most reliable and trustworthy news portal in the country. The news portal is owned and operated by Nepal News Network International P. Ltd. You can also download the Annapurna post app for daily updates. The app is now available both in-app store and google play store.

Online Khabar

Online Khabar is the most browsed web portal in the country. Founded by Dharma Raj Bhusal, it is one of the most reliable online news portals in the country. It was founded in 2006 and since then it has gained so many regular readers. The readers are not just from Nepal but from different countries. It got Alexa ranking of 3rd most browsed online portal in Nepal. It is commendable how a fresh news portal is competing with the well known and established news portal in Nepal like Kantipur Media, Annapurna media, and so on.


Bahrakhari is one of the most reliable news portals in Nepal. And amazingly it is not very old. It started just in 2016 but in this short time as well Bahrakhari has become one of the most browsed portals in the country. It has a collection of the most authentic and genuine news which makes it everyone’s choice. The reporter is amazing and very quick when it comes to collecting news.

The online portal is another very famous news portal in the country. Get to know about all the latest news national and international with a touch away. It covers national and international issues and delivers in the most unique manner. This has gained many regular readers, Nepalese living all over the world. It includes sports, news, business news, and other social issues. The portal provides news in both Nepali and English language. is another news portal. This became quite famous after it started covering entertainment and news related to the Nepali film industry. Like any other news portal, it also covers news from different fields as social issues, latest issues, current trends. It has a collection of the very well written article and that one of the factors that makes it so popular. Setopati has also just started a few years back and is doing quite well. It is giving good competition to all well-established news portals of the country. Setopati also offers news in both English and Nepali languages.

News 24

News 24 is one of the most popular TV channels in Nepal. It is one of the best news channels in the country. And news 24 has started its online news portal as well. The owners and operators are the same as the news 24 channel and are run by experienced professionals. News 24 also covers news on different social issues and current issues. In the news portal of news 24, you can read all kinds of political, economic, and daily updates about world happenings. News 24 also offers news in both languages ie, English and Nepali.