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Pokhara is definitely one of best tourist destinations in Nepal. We rarely find a person that doesn’t like Pokhara as a tourist destinaton.  Pokhara is not just famous among international tourist but has special place in Nepali tourist’s heart as well. Located in Kaski district, this valley offers a lot to all age grouped people. Pokhara is suitable for both high budget tourists and low budget tourists. The natural beauty, the clean city, the beautiful mountains, terrifying adventures that you can go for and of course the lakes. Pokhara has something to offer to almost everyone.

Be it young people or middle aged People,Pokhara has a lot to offer. You want to escape from your crazy schedule with your family, just head to Pokhara, you want a romantic gateway head to pokhara, wanna chill out with friends ,Pokhara is the answer. I recently went to Pokhara  this year and I realized its perfect destination for all adventure lovers as well.

Today on this article I am listing  best things you can do on Pokhara.

  • Cycling

Take a bike on lease and stroll out the evening. It will be the best therapy for you body ,mind and soul. The roads of Pokhara are very well built and the city itself is also very clean. You would love that experience. You can get bicycle on rent at a very low price. It will cost only around Rs 100 per hour and that experience would be something you will treasure for life. if you are staying around lakeside you will definitely get a lot of bike lease shops.


  • Boating in fewa lake

Well everybody goes boating in fewa lake, what is new about this right? But you must try the single boat. Just wear your life jacket and head on to the lake alone in your single boat. This will definitely be a thrilling experience. Make sure to follow the instructions before heading out.Single boats are definitely expensive than the regular ones but its  worth it. Make sure to wear your life jackets properly. They will prevent you in case of any accidents.



  • Walk in the fewa lake side

This is my favourite thing to do in Pokahra. The vibes there in pokhara is so good that you will fall in love with that place. There is crowd of national and international tourists but also peace of the still water. Walk around fewa lake and it would be better specially during evening. There will be happy people performing live music, happy tourists enjoying and locals strolling around. The vibe is magical. Take a walk around lake side, it will even better with a warm company.  Make sure to try the famous chatpate there. The taste is very peculiar and fresh.


  • Night life in pokhara

Pokhara is famous for its beautiful night life. Go to some restaurants or clubs and enjoy  the food  with live music.  Many sober and decent places are there in Pokhara for  relaxation. The environment there will be very good and you will not regret going there. Just dance your heat out, enjoy the food or get lost in the beautiful music. Also night bazaar of Pokhara is quite famous. You will find varieties to shop form. Those products are definitely high priced but yeah you can buy its as a souvenir of Pokhara. There are shops all over the streets.


  • Walk in the city

If you love rain like I do then pokhara will be your best destination. If you reach there in right season then definitey you will not miss out the raining. Pokhara is very clean so you can just walk  around the city in the rain. You wont step in the muddy road like you do in Kathmandu. Just take out your heels or your shoes and ad naked feet around the city.   There are w ell maintained roads. Enjoy the rain and the vibe of the city. This will be the best cleansing for your mind and soul.


  • Paragliding in Pokhara

Pokhara is also famous for paragliding. Head on to sorangkot hill and jump from the top ofcourse with a pilot and  a is a magical experience. It is not very expensive as well.. You will fly from the top of hill in sarangkot and land near fewa lake. The pilots will take care of your safety. You can get bird’s eye view of the valley  from your parachute.What is the best way to see the city than while flying ?  you will even get your video of the paragliding. Keep this paragliding in your bucket list. Make plans with your friends or family and do paragaliding. Any adventure lover will fall in love with paragliding.


  • Explore chamero gufa

Chamero gufa is another attraction of Pokhara. it’s a very small cave and has difficult structure. The exit hole is very small and not everyone can make it through. You will even encounter some bats in the cave. Put in our comfortable shoes and dress and head out for chamero gufa. Dont forget to take a torch light with you. The pathways are small and the exit whole is even more smaller. This will definitely give you a thrilling experience. But please don’t miss this while you go to pokhara next time.


  • Sight seeing

Pokhara does have beautiful places. It is a city full of lakes. There is begnas taal, Rupa taal. Other than that there is davis falls, mahendra cave, peace stupa and a lot more places. Peace stupa is situated atop ahill and you will get a good view of the whole city from the stupa. Don’t forget to visit the stupa next time you go to Pokhara. You will even get a beautiful view of sunrise form sarangkot hill. You will have to wake up early  but the view will definitely be worth it.

For now this is the things I recommend to do in Pokhara. Well how different is  your Pokhara from the Pokhara that I have seen. Share us your list of things to do in Pokhara.