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Lok Sewa Aayog known as Public service commission is an independent constitutional body established on 15 June 1951 A.D with a motive to select the meritorious candidates required for the government of Nepal in civil services. It is one of the toughest and most accredited modes of recruitment in Nepal. Every year tenth of thousands of candidates competes for the hundreds number of seats.

If you have a dream to crack the log sewa aayog exam then here are the best tips on how to prepare the exam:

  1. Effective and efficient study

Effective and efficient method

Most of the candidates of Lok Sewa exam have a misconception that they need to study hard in order to crack the exam. So, they study 24hrs a day. But the reality is that instead of reading hard they need to go through an effective and efficient way of studying. You must have a proper plan and schedule regarding your preparation and go accordingly. Try to apply study methods through which you can learn more in less time and store the acquired knowledge for a long time. Most of the problem of candidates is that they study hard but they don’t remember for a long time. This is due to the inefficient and ineffective approach they are applying in their study. They just have to change their study approach.

  1. Analyze the syllabus

Since the Log sewa has different syllabus based on level and departments, you must have to study first the syllabus of the level of exam you are going to prepare for. Just reading the text and preparation doesn’t help you if you never analyze the syllabus. The syllabus is the key part in the preparation of lok sewa aayog since you can identify the important of chapters, a format of questions, types of questions, marks associated with chapters. By knowing this, you can prepare a plan on how to prepare and study the books based on chapters wise. You can get syllabus in the website of log sewa aayog.

  1. Practice Model questions

Another best things you can do is to practice the model questions. This will let you know the ideas about the types of questions you will be asked in the exam. It will also help you to know the model of a question so that in the exam you can prepare accordingly. After studying, it is better to practice one model question daily so that it will help you to boost your confidence level and you don’t get panic in the exam. It is very important to maintain your time in exam since it is limited. Model questions are available in the markets or you can download it from the internet.

  1. Go out of textbook

It is good to go through your text books but Lok sewa is not all about your textbook. The difficulty level of question is very hard that it can come from any books. So, it is better to study references books too. There are so many references books available in the market but not all of them are of good quality. So, choose the best quality and trusted one. There are so many online sites and apps where you can get thousands of practice questions. You can consult with your seniors, your friends or even with the civil servant officer if you know anyone of them. This will help to increase your level of confidence.

  1. Friendly discussion

Some candidates think that by discussing with their friends about the exam and preparation, it will benefit their friends, their competitors but in reality, it will help them to analyze themselves how much prepared they are. Having a public discussion with friends will definitely help you to examine your ability and boost your confidence level. You can get ideas and tips which will be very helpful. So, it is very important to have a friendly discussion with your friend regarding the exam.

  1. Being updated

Since there have been massive development and innovation every day, you need to keep updated with what is happening in the world. Lok sewa exam will include the questions related to the events happening in the world and if you are not updated then there is the high risk that you can miss that question. In Log sewa exam, missing one question means you are backed by hundreds of candidates. So, always keep updated with the world events beside the textbooks.

  1. Co-ordination with the civil service officer

If you know anyone of the civil service officer who was able to crack the log sewa aayog exam, then you have a chance to coordinate with them because they can provide you the valuable suggestions and tips regarding how to prepare for the exam. They may suggest you the best reference book they have used in their preparation. They may provide you guides books and tutorials regarding your exam. It will help you to gain an extra knowledge about the exam.

  1. Coaching class

Nowadays, there are many coaching centers related to lok sewa aayog exam preparation. You can join the classes and have many benefits like you will be taught by the civil service officers who have an excellent record in such exam. You can get the ideas, formula, and tips on how to prepare your exam effectively. Furthermore, you will get the updated guides and model questions which will be very much helpful for your preparations since such tools will not be available in the market easily. But beware of such coaching class since some of them are only to earn money from the candidates rather than providing the quality service.

  1. Maintain your health

Most of the candidates study very hard and prepared their best to get their position in the exam. During preparation, they don’t care their health. They study whole night, don’t take their food on time and as a result, when exam date is near, they get suffered from their bad health due to which they can’t do best in the exam even they have prepared their best. So, it is very important to balance your health condition too. With your study, you have to take care of health too. Only a healthy body and well-prepared mind can crack the log sewa aayog exam.


Besides all this, you can manage your time for yoga and meditation at morning. It will help you to increase your mind capacity and increase your focus level over a particular subject. Since many candidates lack focus, meditation can be the best treatment for them to increase their focus.