New year is the time which marks beginning of new year. Various culture and various calendar have their own system of dates and occasions . We follow the Gregorian calendar in Nepal and New year is celebrated in first of Baisakh. New year is just around the corner and we can’t wait for the day. It is new year eve already . Are you one of the those people who like to go out in new year to stay in home ? We have completed the year 2076 and we are all set to welcome year 2076. Let this year be your year, may you find happiness and may all your dreams come true .And I really hope may you find the love of your life. Since new year is already around, here are list of amazing things you can do to celebrate the new beginning:

 Celebrate with family

For me celebrations with family are above anything. So why not this year celebrate with your lovely family instead of spending it with your friends. Make your bonding stronger and spend some quality time with your family. You can just organize small party, make or order everyone’s favorite food and enjoy. Or you can watch a movie together be at home or cinemas. A nice dinner to end the day will be perfect. There are so many good restaurants out there in Kathmandu, you can visit those restaurants with your family. Family time are the best time. So this new year spend time with your family, make your bond stronger, express love for each other and just enjoy. It is new year eve today, so why don’t you start now ? 

Go to a concert                                      

 For wild party lovers there is nothing better than going to concert. Gather some of your friends and go to concert. And if you live in Kathmandu or in Pokhara, there will be many concerts you can go to. From concerts with expensive tickets to simple street shows, you will find it all. The shows will have live performances, food, drinks, DJ and simply everything required. Just let yourself loose and dance your troubles out. Yeah, year 2076 may have been stressful but there is a whole year ahead. Give the best start to the coming year. If you spend the day happy, you will spend the whole year happily .  Don’t let this day go to vain.

Go Hiking

 Why not start this year with a healthy step. Hiking is not just refreshing but is really a good way to stay healthy. Put on your walking shoes and go out for hiking. There are amazing places you can hike in Kathmandu as well. If you step out early, you may be lucky enough to watch a sunrise. Imagine the view of first sunrise of the year. You don’t want to miss it right ? You can hike to Nagarkot, Chandragiri, Champadevi, Shivapuri and so on. There are amazing places you can hike this new year. And in Pokhara as well you can hike to Sarangkot and watch the sunrise. Staying close to nature gives you the best feeling. You can explore flora and faunas of that place .And believe me it will more than just a walk, You will be refreshed and filled with new energy .


 Hike to Godawari

Godawari is a best place to hike for this new year. People often say that Godawari is quite overrated but actually I feel it is underrated. It has got amazing things. Just a quick gateway from polluted city . You can reach Godawari from Ratna park in half an hour drive and the feel is just amazing.

It is a small but very peaceful hill station situated near Kathmandu it is best place for a quick gateway. There are beautiful and luxurious hotels you can stay in. The dense forest, the picture perfect setting in the botanical garden is all you need. Just relax and enjoy your time in this serene place. The hilly tracks, botanical garden and the Naudhara pagoda are some of the attraction of this place.  And if you are going in rainy season, make sure to take your umbrella because you never know when does it rain in Godawari.

 Make it dance night                          

 What is better than enjoying the night with some great music, good food and a beer. Make plans with your loved ones to go to club this new year. There are amazing clubs around Kathmandu where you can sit back and relax. But make sure that you go to a decent place. There are nice places which offer good ambience and vibes. Dance your heart out in the club. Get yourself a drink and just let it loose. Let all your stress go away and welcome the new year with fresh beginning. Gather with your friends maybe and just talk about how life is going. And believe me talking mixed with drinking, there is no better combination. 

Temple Visit

 Well if you are talking about celebration of new beginning then there is no way we miss temples. You can start the day with temple visit. Temple gives you the spiritual feeling and really takes you to another sphere. Thank god for all he gave in the previous year and pray for a happy and healthy year ahead. Kathmandu is known as the city of temples so there is no need for listing temples you would want to visit. But make sure to watch Pashupatiko Arati on the very first day of year 2076.

Also there is temple called Champadevi which specially opens in new year. It is situated in hill and you will have to hike to reach there. It is great combo, hike and reach a temple, You can even get view of sunrise and breathtaking view of the Kathmandu Valley. The vibes that you get in temples is found nowhere else, it is just so magical so keep temples in your list of things to do in new year.