In my experience, it is very much complex to find out good web hosting provider. It may be for small business or large scale business or a personal website, website hosting is an essential factor to launch a website. I have a lot of experience with many web hosting providers in my 10 years long blogging career. The most important factor in choosing web hosting is to analyse the personal experience of individuals with different hosting providers. Many web hosting services claim to provide the cheapest web hosting in the market but you might not have known the real truth behind it. Their CPU resource handling ability, file limitation will hurt your website sooner or later. How will you feel when you pay for a service and your website gets down after 10 days? This has happened to me several times and I have had loss of around thousand bucks.

best web hosting Australia

It is an untrue fact that only an expensive web hosting providers are best. If you research different web hosting providers, you can get web hosting on a package from $1 to $500 per month. It is much more interesting not to miss web hosting special pricing on different offers.
I have good experience with different web hosting providers like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Mediatemple, Jumphost, Knownhost, A2hosting etc. Among them, I found only a few web hosting being best for hosting a website. Godaddy, A2hosting, Mediatemple, Hostgator has always been my choice of hosting since a long period. I have a very bad experience with Namecheap. I will share about my bad experience on my next article.

Best web hosting providers with cheap web hosting offer now

Godaddy has an exclusive offer running for web hosting. It is offering huge discount on its regular price.

Godaddy is with new web-hosting scheme called $1*/ mo hosting!. It is the best web hosting service if you are looking for buying a new web hosting service from reputed provider.

Fatcow is providing web hosting in $3.15 per month. The regular pricing of $8.95 per month has been provided on $3.15 per month during this offer period. If you are using WordPress, it will be much effective to choose Fatcow. It is providing best-featured web hosting on 3 bucks per month which will cost you only $37.8 for a year.
Fatcow has always been the best web hosting provider. Fatcow was there when I started my blogging career 10 years before and is still best in this competitive market. It has provided customers with a good support system.

Hostgator offers and discount coupons have been offered for this Labour day. Hostgator regularly provides different discount coupons for its new customers. It is currently selling web hosting with 60% reduced in price.

Fatcow has come up with 65% offer. I have a great experience with Fatcow as well. I was using it more than 4 years before and it is still in this competitive market. Fatcow is having an annual offer of 65% which is too much less than normal price. It cost around 3 to 4 bucks per month for high-quality web-hosting.

I have numerous experiences with different hosting platforms. In my 10 years, I came across different bad web hosting services as well. Being an expert webmaster and blogger, I suggest these web hosting services if you have a small business on this offer period. I will be sharing my experience with other web hosting services in my next article in which I will be guiding for large scale business websites.