BIM (Bachelors of Information Management) which is a course of total four years is an opportunity given to the students. BIM is a hybrid course that provides 60% of IT (Information Technology) and 40% of Management. It is an undergraduate academic course that professionally trains and prepares students not just as an IT professionals but with managerial skills and a manager with object-oriented programming skills. This course consists of object-oriented software programming and administrative data system. In simple words, it is the hybrid of BBA (Bachelors of Business Administrative) and BSCIT( Bachelor of Science in Information Technology).

Why BIM in Nepal?

In Nepal, there are very limited IT companies in the market at present. Because of that being just an IT professional is not an efficient and effective way of earning. As an IT company or an entrepreneur of an IT company, IT professionals remain the focus in an organisation, but a manager skill is required to manage the business to keep in check of assets and liabilities. Moreover, IT professionals must manage all the transactions to function an organisation smoothly and ensure that the organisation is not leaning towards debt or loss. Normally what happens is that there will be a need to hire a manager to manage an organisation.

An IT professional does not have a capability even to perform a very necessary managerial task. If an IT professional has a managerial skill, of they can not only perform necessary administrative work but also has a capability to manage the company that defeats the need for hiring a manager. BIM trains an undergraduate in such a manner that an IT professional not only is professionally trained in the IT field but also has a managerial skill that can run and manage the company which is very helpful to tackle real-life problems in an organisation.


BIM vs IT professionals

There is a lot of demand for the business administrator in the market, but what the problem is that because it is the era of IT, a basic requirement of the capability of doing a primary task on a computer is very necessary. No task now days are done handwritten or manually, and computers are there for an automated system. Every company is very dependent on IT, and a computer does most of the crucial tasks. Because a computer has a capability to hold a very vulnerable information and all planning, communication, presentations and task are done through computers, and with the help of IT, an ability to do an essential task in a computer is a must.

BIM course ensures that a manager that not only has excellent managerial skills but also has an advanced IT skills and object oriented programming. An object oriented programming is necessary because it is that kind of programming that is widely used in the business field. This type of programming is costume customised according to the organisation that is used to efficiently store, calculate or perform a task automatically. A manager will not be depended on an IT professional to do a basic computer job and also is highly capable object oriented programming where an object oriented programming plays a vital role to perform a task in an organisation.

BIM Scope in Nepal

A student who has graduated from studying BIM will have a professional level of expertise in both IT and managerial skills which are basically like killing two birds with one stone. The scopes of BIM is working in an IT company as an IT professional but also as a manager. And also being able to lean towards the business field and working in a managerial post but able to do object oriented programming. A student will be able to freely choose whichever area they prefer whether in IT or business.

Compared to other courses where students are only trained in only one particular field, and only way direction of scope is available, whereas, the students of BIM to have multi-direction scope in the country such as Nepal where the number of organisation or MNCs are very limited. BIM enables to be expert in two fields at the same time and being the best of both worlds.