CAN infotech is annual fest which is the major activity of CAN (Computer Association of Nepal). It brings together national and international computer technology and gadgets in Nepal every year. CAN infotech Nepal is a gateway to computer software and hardware, networking devices and solutions. Different mobile solutions, security solutions, ISPs, product launch, wireless Solutions, banking solutions, IT enabled services solutions come under single umbrella every year.

CAN infotech is brought to us by the Computer association of Nepal (CAN). CAN was established in May 1992 but was formally registered in December 1992 and later?registered as Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN Federation) in January 2015. It has been started and led by professionals and specialists from the information and communication field of Nepal.

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Benefits of CAN mela

It is business platform, promotion, exhibition and knowledge transfer platform. Basically the main motto of the fest is knowledge transferring. Every year thousands of People visit the Can Mela. CAN Info-Tech aims to be platform for latest technological displays to create awareness about IT applications and to promote Nepali IT sector around the world. And since its inception, it has successfully been doing so.

CAN was started with vision and mission of developing the ICT sector of Nepal and to build ENepal. It is supporting the government to achieve its objective of eNepal by conducting different projects and events. CAN infotech is one of it. Other than CAN infotech, CAN presents other regular events like CAN Softech, CAN Commtech and CAN ICT conference.

Customers can buy different products like Anti virus softwares, computers, computer peripherals, internet packages in cheap price during Mela period.

CAN Infotech 2020

CAN infotech 2020 happened in Bhrikuti Mandap, Kathmandu with grand success. It was hosted by SUBISU-(A leading IT service provider of Nepal) this year. Like every year, the response from audience was great and overwhelming. CAN is not just a information providing platform but also trade platform. Different emerging companies show case and sell their product to interested buyers.

New innovation and technological inventions can be seen in the annual fest. CAN happens throughout the country in major cities like Chitwan, Biratnagar. For more information, you can visit the website of CAN:

CAN Infotech 2020

CAN mela 2020 is predicted to take place in January 2020. CAN mela usually takes place in the month of January. Seeing the trend, we can predict that the infotech mela will be on January 2020. We will update this section as soon as we get notice about it.CAN infotech mela 2020

CAN is a gateway to international technology

CAN Infotech is a platform where National and International organizations can exchange knowledge, skill and technology in the field of Computer and Information Technology. Not only local products but international products are also displayed in The fest. The level of standard of Can infotech is improving every year. That is why, we are able to see more innovative inventions and variety of products which shows the development of IT sector in Nepal.

CAN Infotech has been identifying and providing platform to local and emerging industries in Nepal. They have been facilitating them to grow. Furthermore, it acts as platform to promote and share IT resources information, IT news, knowledge, expertise among different people. Moreover, it provides interacting platform to various IT professionals throughout the country.

The other best thing about CAN infotech is that it directly allows the customers to meet the companies. The companies can further know about expectations and requirements of potential customers and improvise themselves. Therefore, it is platform for aspiring IT students to gain enough knowledge about the Technology Sector of Nepal. Because of all these reasons CAN infotech has always been successful.