CAN infotech reviews. How was CAN infotech? Read the paragraph to know more about the reviews on CAN. What’s exciting in CAN InfoTech 2015 ?


can infotech 2015

CAN InfoTech 2015

LED bulb

This LED BULB has a 4 hours backup.A simple bulb with lithium battery attached on its back looks no different than normal bulbs.No one even can guess there is a battery attached on its back,so small,yet powerful. A 5 W bulb glows as bright as 40 W normal bulb.It will cost you Nrs. 600 only.It comes in 3W,5W and 7W option and of course with a one year guarantee.

भाग्य चम्काउने स्टल

I was really surprised to see this stall in CAN infotech. Maybe, organiser related fore-telling with astro-physics.Whatever ,this stall claimed to accurately foretell one’s future,provided date and time of birth is accurate with the help of software they created.

Science compilation software for class 8,9,10

The compiler have really worked hard producing a quality software helping student learn concepts with beautiful illustration and videos.

Besides,there are regular laptop,mobile,internet connection companies repeating the same monotonous scheme with a little bit of discount.Nothing new !

But yeah,its worth visiting ! Do visit.


CAN Infotech 2019 is going to start from magh 2073. The event will be held till Magh.

English date of CAN is month of January

CAN Infotech will be held on Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Time of event: From 10 am to 5:30 pm.

It has been announced that you can get 25% discount on buying CAN InfoTech ticket online. Tickets has price of 100 NRS. While buying online, you can get at 80 Nrs. You can buy CAN Infotech 2019 ticket from Esewa.