The CAN Info-Tech is an annual fair that takes in Nepal. It is one of the biggest festivals for tech enthusiasts as it showcases things of their concern. In Nepal, it is organized by the computer association of Nepal (CAN) and takes place annually in Kathmandu.

Basically it is a fair where national and international companies show their products. Thus for many people, CAN is also a platform when they can buy their required product. The best thing about CAN for customers is that they showcase the original products at a cheaper price. With time CAN has upgraded and become an information platform as well. You can find all kinds of information on the latest technological development, inventions ad so on. They even conduct a seminar on different issues. For instance, in 2020 CAN they talked about E-Governance. It is a platform where all companies established to startups can promote and show their product to everyone.

can infotech 2020 nepal

CAN fair is your ultimate destinations to know about products and even buy them. For the visitors, all kind of service is given under one roof so every year CAN take place with huge success. Different companies showcase their networking and mobile solutions, wireless solutions, security systems, and other many IT-based services. Other than that, a two-day conference takes place after the fair where many people introduce their product to the world. The audience in the fair is accomplished IT professionals, politicians and other respected people from different fields. Therefore CAN is an ideal platform for all the young inventors and innovators. Not just for customers CAN also have a lot for its participants as well.

CAN InfoTech 2020 2076

CAN Federation is going to organize CAN InfoTech 2020 from February 14-19. It is 26th edition of the expo.

CAN started organizing the technology exhibition & fair since the early 90s. It was the only of its kind expo in Nepal until a decade ago. It was the only place where people could visit to witness the latest technological developments. It was a very useful event until the internet became easily accessible for all and new information about technology started to be available online. This was not the only reason that lessened the public’s attraction to CAN InfoTech. The value of CAN InfoTech started to degrade when it turned into a marketplace for pen drive, printer, antivirus, UPS, inverter, etc. sellers.

Currently, there seems to be a huge gap between CAN Federation and tech-startups and innovators in Nepal.

Allowing innovative startups to exhibit at CAN InfoTech at a discounted rate or free-of-charge would definitely make the event worth visiting. At the same time, it will help these young and innovative companies to reach a wider audience and get benefits. CAN InfoTech is probably the biggest expo in Nepal, where they get around 5 lakh visitors in just 6 days.

CAN InfoTech 2020

As I already mentioned CAN takes place annually. So, it is sure it will happen in 2020 as well. Can Info-Tech 2918 has already happened in Bhrikuti Mandap with grand success and involvement of People. So in 2020 according to sources Can Info-Tech is to happen in January. You can give a fresh start to your year with this fair happening in January. The venue is Bhrikuti Mandap as usual. It will happen for 6 days starting from 29 January to 3rd February.

Can Infotech 2020

The main objective of CAN for 2020 is generating awareness among people in the information and technology field.

In the article, I will be listing how you can bookstall for CAN 2020 and also how to buy tickets. This year take your business to another height by showcasing your product in the biggest platform. Take advantage of CAN’s huge people’s participation. The number of visitors in CAN has been increasing every year so it is sure that CAN 2020 will too be a grand one.

Also, the CAN 2020 is a bit special compared to the previous fair. This year we have not only national but international companies showcasing their product and sharing IT information. For all the tech enthusiasts, it is a platform to know the pace of IT development in the global scenario. So make sure to visit CAN Info-Tech 2020. For more information on CAN Info –Tech visit the website:

How to book stall in CAN

If you need more exposure for your products then CAN Mela is the right place for you. This is 25th CAN Info-Tech and is sure to be grand. You can book stalls online through the Khalti App.

Previously, the only way of booking was paying direct Cash and later on banking system emerged. It is an irony of how the biggest Tech fair was still not upgrading. But this year when the world is going digital CAN is also no steps behind. This year CAN in partnership with Khalti App is accepting digital for booking stalls. By doing these, CAN also aim to support and showcase the agenda of digital payment. This is hope for all Nepali that all transactions someday could be done through digital payment. You will have to pay 50 percent of the total cash for advance booking. The booking for 2020 has already opened so grab this opportunity as soon as possible. Here is how you can book your stall via Khalti :

  1. First browse the website: This is the official platform of CAN to book stalls.
  2. Now select the type of stall you want and also the number of stalls you want to book. Remember the location of your stall will have great impact on your sales.
  3. You can now select any of payment method. You can select E -banking or Khalti. For E-banking you must have registered internet banking with your respective bank. And only through the partner banks of CAN Info-Tech 2020. There are around 12 partner banks. And for Khalti you need to have a Khalti Account.
  4. Once you complete these procedure you will receive a verification code on your mobile.
  5. Now complete the payment with the payment mode you have selected before.

Payment Via E-banking partners

  1. Choose your bank among the partner banks. Once you choose your bank enter your mobile number connected with Khalti. Now tap on PAY.
  2. A new page of your e banking portal will open. Now fill in the required details to further proceed.

Payment via Khalti

  1. For those who selected Khalti as their payment method, enter your Khalti ID and tap on PAY Button.
  2. Enter the PIN and confirmation code sent on your mobile tap on confirm payment.

After completing the payment you will get a confirmation message on your mobile. Later on CAN will also sent you a confirmation email.

How to book CAN tickets

For all the visitors, you can buy or book tickets via ESewa. You will get 20 % discount for online booking.Visit this site to buy tickets for 2020 CAN Info-tech: Fill the form with your correct details. Make sure to choose the right ticket type. There are two tickets type: Normal and student. You will receive discount for the student ticket and who doesn’t like discounts.

Then select the number of tickets you will like to buy. Then click on submit. Now you are good to go and your tickets are secured. Have a productive visit to CAN Info-tech this year. Good day everyone !

CAN InfoTech 2015 Reviews

CAN infotech reviews. How was CAN infotech? Read the paragraph to know more about the reviews on CAN. What’s exciting in CAN InfoTech 2015 ?

can infotech 2020

LED bulb

This LED BULB has a 4 hours backup. A simple bulb with lithium battery attached on its back looks no different than normal No one even can guess there is a battery attached on its back, so small, yet powerful. A 5 W bulb glows as bright as 40 W normal bulb. It will cost you Nrs. 600 only. It comes in 3W,5W and 7W option and of course with a one year guarantee.

भाग्य चम्काउने स्टल

I was really surprised to see this stall in CAN infotech. Maybe, organizer related fore-telling with astrophysics. Whatever, this stall claimed to accurately foretell one’s future, the provided date and time of birth are accurate with the help of software they created.

Science compilation software for class 8,9,10

The compiler has really worked hard producing quality software helping the student learn concepts with beautiful illustrations and videos. Besides, there are regular laptops, mobile, internet connection companies repeating the same monotonous scheme with a little bit of discount. Nothing new! But yeah, it’s worth visiting! Do visit.


CAN Infotech 2020 is going to start from Magh 2073. The event will be held till Magh. The English date of CAN is the month of January CAN Infotech will be held on Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. Time of event: From 10 am to 5:30 pm. It has been announced that you can get a 25% discount on buying CAN InfoTech tickets online. Tickets have a price of 100 NRS. While buying online, you can get at 80 Nrs. You can buy CAN Infotech 2020 ticket from Esewa.