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Latest Car Price in Nepal with Features (Updated)

car price in nepal Cars are the favorite four-wheeler vehicle for Nepalese people. These automobiles come in different color, size, shape, and so on. Some car operates on diesel, some on petrol and some on electric power. All sorts of automobiles are imported from abroad in the nation. Hyundai, Honda, Tata, Suzuki, Mahindra, Skoda, etc are some car brands […] Continue reading →

Best Smartphone under 20000 in Nepal

best phones to buy under 25000 in nepal A handy technology called smartphone has now become a part of human lives. There are few people who are not knowing and using it in the world. For many people, it’s even difficult to think a day or an hour without it. Making a phone call is normal matter. Finding places, taking awesome selfies and […] Continue reading →

Nepali Patro Features Download Nepali Patro

nepali patro Nepali Patro is a popular calendar app in Nepal, with a slogan of “Hamro Samaya, Hamro Gaurav”. While most smartphones have pre-installed calendar app but they are not equipped with features you need. And also they don’t support Nepali dates (Bikram Sambat), events and holidays which is a cool thing about the Nepali Patro. There […] Continue reading →

Most Popular Online News Portal of Nepal

popular online news portal of nepal With the increment of the uses of the internet, it’s been much easier for the people to read the news about all over the world with the single tap of your fingertips. In the busy schedule of the 21st century, it’s been very difficult for the people to read the news by sitting in one […] Continue reading →

Nepali Gotra – What is My Gotra? List of All Gotra in Hindu

Nepali gotra Nepali Gotra is important when girl and boy get married. The boy and girl from same Gotra can not marry according to Hindu religion. It is believed that they have same ancestors. So, boy and girl of same gotra can be regarded as brother and sister. Scientifically, Marriage between same Gotra may result infertility and serious […] Continue reading →


topitcompanies This is a list of notable companies in the information technology sector based in Nepal. Top 10 companies are listed. TOP IT COMPANIES IN NEPAL VeriskIT VeriskIT is the subsidiary company of Verisk Health (now Verisk Informatics) situated in the USA. VeriskIT primarily outsources their projects of Verisk Informatics. Enterprise level of the project is […] Continue reading →