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Vehicle Tax in Nepal (Bike, Car, Bus, Jeep, Van, Truck)

vehicle tax nepal

Are you looking for buying vehicles such as cars, bikes, scooters, trucks, then you must know the vehicle tax policy of Nepal. It is well known there are no manufacturers of vehicles in Nepal. So, it is imported from neighboring countries, being that the car price is extremely high. The import tax for cars, motorcycles,

CAN Infotech by Computer Association of Nepal

CAN infotech mela 2019

CAN infotech is annual fest which is the major activity of CAN (Computer Association of Nepal). It brings together national and international computer technology and gadgets in Nepal every year. CAN infotech Nepal is a gateway to computer software and hardware, networking devices and solutions. Different mobile solutions, security solutions, ISPs, product launch, wireless Solutions,

6 Websites Providing Best Tech News Nepal

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There has always been need of Tech news Portals in Nepal after development of technology field. These tech news Nepal portals are famous specially in Youths. We are now so used to the tech news platforms that we no more buy any product without watching review from them. Previously, Popular Online News Portal of Nepal used to

Scariest places in the world

áThese are the scariest places in the world that you might want to avoid going to. The Red Sands Sea Ports The Red Sand seaports are located in River Thames and exist to spy and report on enemy fleet movement during World War II. The first line of defence against an imminent attack.áThose on the

Current Gold Price in Nepal Per Tola Today

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Gold price in Nepal per Tola fluctuates everyday. It depends upon multiple factors in Nepali market. Gold price varies in countries. It depends upon the tax rate, dollar rate and other factors. Gold is a very important component of the human lives on the earth today. Gold not only has the metallic value but also

How to contact Sarathi Cab

sarathi cab service in nepal

Sarathi cab service is a special service in Nepal. It provides cab service in Nepal. It is easy to call sarathi cab. We all are busy and always on our toe. It is hard to get around to places. Taxi or cab is a great way to get you around. But the pricing, negotiation and

NEA 3 Phase Electricity Application process

nea 3 phase

Many people have a question on the process of getting NEA 3 phase electricity from NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority). Many people are asking us if it has some eligibility criteria. Nepal Electricity Authority provides electricity to homes, industries, organisations and businesses. The only body that supplies electricity throughout the country is NEA. I see many

National Bird and Animal of Nepal

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Nepal is formally the Federal Democratic Republic. Nepal has its own national bird and national animal. Nepal also hasánational symbols of Nepal. So, Nepal is a country of everything. It has preserved national birds and national animals. It has a feeling of nationality. It is a landlocked united state in South Asia. It is positioned

Best Finance Company in Nepal

Finance company, a specialized monetary organization that supplies credit for the purchase of consumer goods and offerings through buying the time-sales contracts of retailers or by granting small loans directly to consumers. Having your money on the line, you want to make sure that you make the best of choice. There are a lot of


Nepal Telecom launched its broadband services by use of ADSL 2+ technology to its valued customers in Baisakh 17, 2065. The service is initially available for Kathmandu valley but now it is available in all 75 districts across the Country. The services will be only provided by use of existing copper cable network infrastructure. At