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Nepal Telecom launched its broadband services by use of ADSL 2+ technology to its valued customers in Baisakh 17, 2065. The service is initially available for Kathmandu valley but now it is available in all 75 districts across the Country. The services will be only provided by use of existing copper cable network infrastructure. At

NTC and Ncell recharge – All Methods to recharge NCELL and NTC

how to recharge ncell

Communication has been very important in human life since the earlier days. With the development of the different technology, the means of communication has also been easier and convenient to the people of fall over the world. These days we can talk to our friends and family all over the world. The new technology of

List of NTC Services – How to Activate NTC Services?

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NTC has provided lots of features these days. You can know your number, check balance, activate data, buy data package, activate ringtone, activate call waiting on a single click. We have listed out syntax for checking all NTC services including NTC data pack, NTC call waiting, NTC ringtone. How to Activate NTC Services? The image

NTC Sapati Ncell Sapati | Ncell Loan and NTC Loan

ncell sapati and ntc sapati

How to take NTC Sapati? NTC or Nepal telecom is one of the state owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 91.49% of the government share. It has its central office at Bhadrakali Plaza, kathmandu. It has branches, exchanges and other offices in 184 locations within the country. It is one of the service oriented company in

How to transfer balance from NTC to NTC and NCELL to NCELL?

Balance transfer simply means transferring (send or receive) a certain amount of money anytime and anywhere from their mobile to their friend or family mobile. One can transfer the balance on the same network only. We can dail 1414 and know about the services of NTC. We can recharge our landline phone by using recharge

Nepal Telecom Vacancy

nepal telecom vacancy

Nepal Telecom is the premier and leading telecommunication company in Nepal. It is a state-owned company with 91.49% of the government share. After the Communication Corporation Act, 2028 was enacted, Nepal Telecommunication Corporation was established formally in 2032 BS. After 29 years of its formal establishment in 1st Baisakh, 2061, NTC was changed officially into

NTC ADSL Setting for Any Router

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Nepal Telecom is the company committed to providing nationwide telecommunication services since its inception. Nepal Telecom has been providing ADSL Broadband Services since 2065 BS, Baisakh 17th. This service can be availed from all the 75 districts. Thus, it has a countrywide reach in Nepal. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a data communication technology

How to Activate Internet in NTC and Ncell

how to activate internet in ntc ncell

The Internet has come to be one of the requisites of every people in the present time. Many of us spend a long period each day using the internet in mobiles, scrolling down the pages of Facebook, watching music and videos, searching information in Google, sending messages, uploading pictures, etc. Thus the internet is vital

How To Activate NTC 4G LTE in Prepaid Postpaid NTC Mobile

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Nepal Telecom is the leading public telecommunication industry in Nepal founded in 1913. NTC provides services regarding fixed line and mobile telephony, broadband and fixed-line internet services. Its headquarter is in Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal. It has its branches in 184 locations in the country. NTC launched 4G LTE services in 1st January 2017 and