Chanakya is a great ancient Indian philosopher. Chanakya rules for success are regarded as the most important part of life that must be followed by each individual for success. Chanakya also has provided different rules for a happy life.

Chanakya rules for success

These are the most important points that must be kept secret in life. It is always good not to share anything mentioned below to any other people.

Income and loss

The male should not share his income and loss to any other people.

Tragic moments

Never share your tragic moments with anyone. Instead of appreciation, people enjoy listening to it.

About your wife

Never share anything about your wife to any other people. It is not good to share anything related to your wife to other people. It may hamper your family in future days as you let people know about your internal home matter.

About your dominated situation

If you are dominated by anyone, you should not share it with any other people. It is because it causes a psychologically negative impact on the one whom you share. He starts doing the same in the future.

chanakya rules for success

Chanakya rules for saving money

These are the rules by Chanakya for minimizing loss.

You must know your income and expenditure. You must make a plan to spend a certain amount of your income.

You must not lose hope during the troublesome period. Instead, you should have patience and have dedication. You must not do negligence during a good situation.

You must understand and analyze the environment around you. If you notice any bad person, you must secure yourself from him.

If you know true friends and true enemies, then only you can be safe from loss.

You must understand what your teacher wants. Whatever situation you have, you must understand their values.

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