Nepal is one of the favorite tourist destinations in South East Asia due to its natural beauty, majestic views of the Himalayas, and the large number of cultural heritages. Thousands of tourists visit yearly in Nepal and spend their quality time. Besides this, Nepal is also rising as one of the best hubs for shopping if you really know the things to buy in Nepal.

A large number of world-class brands of products are available at a reasonable price. Similarly, there are many local products of Nepal that can be the best souvenir for you. From clothing to pieces of jewelry, different food items to electronic products, everything you can buy here. Here is the list of cheap things you can buy in Nepal. You can also buy any one of these things in Nepal as a souvenir with Nepali Paisa.


One of the best things you can buy in Nepal is Pashmina. It is a type of cashmere wool. In Nepal, it is made from the Nepalese Pashmina goat called Chyangara. The best feature of pashmina is its softness and the warmth they provide. So, it is the best clothing in winter. There are various types of Pashmina available of different quality and the price varies accordingly. It is one of the cheap products you can buy in Nepal, especially in Thamel and Asan, Indra chowk. It is durable since it has the capacity to last for longer periods of time.

Things to buy in Nepal - Pashmina


Are you a tea lover? Then, you can buy various products of Tea manufactured in Nepal. The price varies from product to product but they are not as expensive as you think. In Nepal, tea is called Chiya and if I am not mistaken, then every Nepali takes Chiya once every morning. It has been the favorite one for almost all Nepalese. So, if you want to pack something back into your home but your budget is limited, then Tea can be the best alternative for you. But be aware of the quality of tea while buying. Nepali tea made in Illam is one of the best things to buy in Nepal.

world class Nepali tea
Nepali Tea


Made in Nepal shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes you can buy in Nepal and for your kind information, they are the cheapest thing you can buy here in Nepal. Especially, Goldstar is one of the most famous brands in Nepal and it is growing its popularity at the international level too. If you haven’t tried it yet, then our team suggests you for trying any products of the Goldstar and you can feel how comfortable it is. You can choose various designs since it has recently launched different world-class designs. You can buy it online or in any of the retail shops in Kathmandu.

Nepali shoes Goldstar
Goldstar shoes

Made in Nepal T-shirts

As you know there are different brands of T-shirts in the market and they are very expensive. But T-shirts that are made in Nepal are the cheapest of all and you don’t even have to compromise on quality. They are available with the best world-class quality. So, if you are thinking of buying some clothing then T-shirts can be the cheapest things you can buy under your limited budget. You can get the various designs of printed T-shirts or you can order the one with your own design.

Made in Nepal T-shirt
Made in Nepal T-shirts


Nepal-made handicrafts are unique of their kind. There are many handicrafts like masks, puppets, sculptures, pottery, and prayer wheels which are the most famous among tourists. Since they differ in prices from place to place and retailer to retailer, they are not so expensive. But, you have to be very careful while buying these products if you really want to get genuine Nepal-made products because most of the sellers will be available to try to sell their Chinese products at a high price with made in Nepal tag. The place to buy these kinds of products is Thamel, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, or Boudha.

Nepali Handicrafts
Nepali Handicrafts