Child workers in Nepal shortly known as CWIN was established in 1987 as pioneer organization in Nepal for the child rights and their exploitation. It’s main focus areas are child labor, street children, child marriage, bonded labor, trafficking of children, children in conflict with laws and commercial sexual exploitation of children. It is one of the active organization that raises the voice of children through lobbying, campaign and pressure to the government to protect and promote children’s rights in the country, and to end all kinds of exploitation, abuse, and discrimination against children.


CWIN has been conducting a number of socialization, support, and rehabilitation program through its various programs.

  1. Nepal Alcohol policy alliances

This program was established in 2209 by the groups of civil society organization with an aim to control the consumption, manufacturing, and distribution of alcohol in the right manners. It has conducted various resources on its issues and raise awareness program in the community.

  1. Advocacy through action

This program is meant to bring positive change in child rights policy and to the lives of children at risk through public awareness, social mobilization, and community conscientization.

  1. Child Helpline 1098

This is an approach to control the child abuse and exploitation in the society. If any such activities are found prevalent in the society, you can inform by calling the toll-free number 1098.

  1. Child participation and youth empowerment

CWIN encourages the participation of children in child rights issue through this program. CWIN is committed to promoting and protecting child rights.

  1. Community works and network

CWIN has been working with the local, regional and national organization in the issues of children. It has a very good network with different other organization like Children at Risk Network Group (CAR-NWG), Alliance Against Trafficking in Women and Children in Nepal (AATWIN) and ALLIANCE (Alliance for human Rights and Social Justice).

  1. National resource center on child rights

CWIN is the first organization to have national resource center on child rights that resource about the condition of children in the society and help them to raise awareness about child rights, child labor, trafficking, human rights, women’s rights, the environment, anthropology, and sociology.


CWIN has been publishing the different research and article based on the children of Nepal annually.  You can get different fact sheet, brochure, magazines and documents published by CWIN.

Working partner

  • Forut Norway
  • Save the children
  • Quinoa
  • Salaai Belgium
  • Chance for Children, UK
  • International child development initiative
  • European Commission
  • Central child welfare board
  • Rockwool Foundation
  • Plan Nepal
  • Comic Relief
  • United Nation’s children fund
  • Safe world, UK
  • ECPAT International
  • World Vision International Nepal
  • And much more

Executive Boards

Mr. Gauri Pradhan – Founder President

Mr. Madhav Pradhan – President

Ms. Sumitra Joshi – Vice-chairperson

Ms. Sumnima Tuladhar – General Secretary

Mr. Subodh Shrestha – Treasurer

Mr. Tanka Limbu – Secretary

Ms. Sharada Subba – Member

Prof Dr. Govinda Subedi – Member


CWIN Working District

CWIN is actively engaged in the following district.