China is also one of the contributors to developing Nepali Human resources. China is Nepali student’s one of the most preferred destinations for study. Thousands of students have completed their studies in China in recent years. China is also very optimistic towards this and brings many scholarships time and again for Nepali aspiring students. Chinese government scholarships for Nepali students are being boon for Nepalese.

With the motive of promoting enrollment of international students in China, the Chinese Government has been hosting many Chinese government scholarships. It also aims for culture exchange, talent enhancement and better relations among the countries.

That’s why there are many Chinese government scholarships that play many roles to attract international students. China always helps Nepal in different aspects and also has an important role in developing Human Resources.

Chinese Government Scholarships for Nepali students

China is a country of innovation, science, and technology. It is better to study in China with Chinese government scholarships rather than choosing Abroad Study like USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, because you may spend thousands of dollars in your studies.

There are lots of best Destinations for Nepali students to study abroad, among them, China is the one. Chinese government scholarships provide extra financial support to students.

Chinese Government Scholarships

Every year there are hundreds of scholarships for graduate and post-graduate studies thus, with this scholarship you can make fulfill your dream of studying abroad. I am listing some of the Chinese government scholarships that is available for Nepali students.

china scholarship
china scholarship for Nepalese

Chinese government with a vision to develop mutual cooperation and understanding between people of China and the Nepalese people has been providing the scholarship schemes to the Nepalese students for their higher study in Chinese Universities and Institutions.

The Ministry of Education of China has appointed China Scholarship council who is fully responsible for the selection of Nepalese students for scholarship and for the management of Chinese government scholarship.

Nepalese students can get enrolled in any one of the 88 Universities as designated by Ministry of education of China. One can get a scholarship for the different subjects like science, technology, agronomy, medicine, economics, laws, management, education, history, liberal arts and philosophy available in these institutions. The government of China has been providing a scholarship to international students under different schemes.

Some of them are described here in brief:

Bilateral program for Bachelor degree

This is a partial and full scholarship hosted by the Chinese Government for clinical and medical studies. This Chinese government scholarship program is for graduate studies and is open to many nations including Nepal. The scholarship covers a one-time subsidy of 1500 and living allowance of 1400 per month. The scholarship is for Dalian medical university.

If you manage to get the scholarship, it will cover the following expenses: Tuition and Registration Fee, Fees for Basic Learning Materials, Accommodation Fees on Campus, Living Allowance, Medical Insurance, Internship Fee and Laboratory Experiments Fee. The application opens from January every year.

Jiangsu jasmine Scholarship for Bachelor’s degree

This is another scholarship for a Bachelor’s degree which provides an annual grant of 20,00 per academic year. The coverage is for 4-5 academic years. It allows students to study at Jiangsu University, China and the application date usually starts in July of each year.

Shanghai Government scholarship for masters studies

In order to increase international students in Shanghai and to attract students to study in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission set up the Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students (SGS) in 2005. This scholarship is for international students willing to pursue a Masters degree in China. Students will be studying at Shanghai Maritime University in Shanghai. The scholarship covers the following expenses Tuition, Accommodation Fees on Campus, Living Allowance and Medical Insurance. The subject course is as per your need and you can apply for any desired faculty. The application opens in April every year.

Bilateral Program for Masters Degree

This is other Chinese government scholarships that provide a grant of around 20000 per academic year. This is available for two to three students per year. This allows students to pursue their Master’s degree in North-Western Polytechnic Institute and students applying for the scholarship must be less than 35 years of age. The scholarship can be extended from two to five academic years and the application opens in January to April.

The eligibility requirements for this scholarship differ as per their type. So, please be careful about that before you apply for any Scholarship.

Chinese Government Scholarship scheme

This scholarship scheme was established by the Ministry of China with a motive to exchange education between China and any other countries. Under this scheme, one can get a full or partial scholarship for undergraduates and postgraduates level. Please visit the Chinese diplomat mission for more information.

CHINA/UNESCO the great wall fellowship scheme

Under this scheme, the government of China provides a full scholarship to the selected candidates by UNESCO. Only general scholars and seniors scholars are eligible for this scholarship. You have to visit the UNESCO office or any UNESCO committee in your home country for more details.

Distinguished International Students Scholarship Scheme

Any international students who have completed their study period in China and have an outstanding result then, they can apply for this scholarship scheme if they want to further continue their study in China. They will be provided with a full or partial scholarship. For this, please contact the China Scholarship council with the recommendations from your institutions.

HSK Winner Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship is provided to the candidate who has given an outstanding performance in the HSK test, a Chinese proficiency test. This is full scholarship and for this, you have to contact the Chinese Scholarship Council.

Chinese Culture Research Fellowship Scheme

This is a short term scholarship provided to overseas scholars who want to conduct research in Chinese culture.

Short-term Scholarship Scheme for Foreign Teachers of Chinese Language

For foreign teachers who have been teaching the Chinese language, the government of China provides a scholarship to them to improve their Chinese and teaching skills.

The full scholarship provided by the government of China includes tuition fee, emergency medical care, general learning materials, accommodation, living allowance, and a once only settlement subsidy and a once only inter-city travel allowance.

china government scholarship

Application procedure for the Chinese government

  • Normally, the scholarship scheme is opened from January to April.
  • Candidates must meet the basic criteria as per the application to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • Candidates must fill the application with the correct detail required along with documents like photocopies of diplomas, transcripts, study plans, health certificates, and recommendation letters.
  • Those who apply for the Chinese Government scholarship scheme must select anyone from the 88 institutions as designated by the ministry of education of China. For more information, please visit the site
  • Teaching methods are generally in Chinese. Those who don’t know Chinese will have to take 1-2 years of Chinese language course before the enrolment of class. However, some postgraduates and research courses are available in English.

Selection procedures

All the application received is reviewed by the Chinese Scholarship Council. Any violation or unmatched application will be cancelled out. Those selected and eligible will be forwarded to the respective institutions. The institutions will select the candidates and forward their name to CSC. Finally, after the approval from the Ministry of Education of China, the selected candidate names will be given notice through the embassies of China in their home countries.