CIAA has published a Notice inviting students/researchers studying at post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate levels for research/internships in the field of corruption control and promotion of good governance. A call for research or theses in fostering good governance and combating corruption from Masters, Mphil, and PhD students and academics.

Note Date: Dec 24, 2022

CIAA – Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority

Establishing the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission as a constitutional agency, which investigates cases of public officials abusing their positions of authority, is crucial to the fight against corruption. The provisions of Articles 97 and 98 of the Constitution of the Dominion of Nepal, 2047, acknowledged the Commission as an independent and autonomous constitutional commission. The Commission was maintained by the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063, and the present Constitution of Nepal has given the Commission tasks, responsibilities, and authority to combat corruption. The Commission has followed the constitution’s spirit by using punitive, preventative, promotional, and institutional capacity development measures.

It is stated that the government of Nepal will assign workers to the positions approved for use by the Commission. According to this, the Commission currently employs special category secretaries of the Nepali government and civil workers, police officers, and other national service personnel. To control corruption and contribute to good governance, the Commission shall act based on the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority Act, 2048, Prevention of Corruption Act, 2059, Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority Regulations, 2059 and other prevailing legal provisions and the procedures, guidelines and standards of the Commission’s work, based on ethics, fairness and integrity. Performs by the rules.

CIAA Call for PhD, Mphil, and Masters Thesis GrantsResearch Applications

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A committee called the CIAA, situated in Tangal, Kathmandu, investigates instances of abuse of authority. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), Tangal, Kathmandu, conducted studies on preventing corruption and promoting good governance during fiscal year 079-80. There are a total of 6 researchers/students, 2/2 of them are Masters, Mphil, and PhD level students at any reputable university and the actual campus worldwide.

Three funds will be available for thesis or research. 2 lakhs fifty thousand, 1 lakh, and 1 lakh. Online contributions may be made through the Commission’s website within 45 (forty-five) days of this notice being issued. You may get in-depth information about the application form and research skills on the Commission’s website at

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