After completing the SEE exam, students look forward to studying science or management in college. Moving from school life to class 11, students need to take a test called the entrance examination, which consists of questions from Mathematics, English, and Science depending upon their career choice. +2 entrance preparation is essential for SEE passed students.

+2 Entrance Preparation Questions for Class 11
Students busy on +2 Entrance Preparation

Is the entrance exam necessary for class 11?

To get admission to reputed colleges in Nepal, preparing well for the exam is a must. Securing a good grade on your SEE examination result only does not provide an opportunity to join top secondary colleges. The continuous effort to learn and gather in-depth knowledge of grade 10 is equally important. There are limited seats in the best higher secondary schools for classes 11 and 12, so extensive competition exists. So, entrance exam preparation is vital for grade xi.

Entrance exam Questions

Wap Nepal team collected model questions from different sources like bridge courses and past sample questions to help students with their +2 entrance preparation. Our team will work hard to update the latest question papers that might help broaden your knowledge and skills.

How to do entrance preparation for +2?

  • Try to solve bridge course questions as much as you can.
  • Research past questions as they may get repeated.
  • Focus on core subjects like Mathematics and Science if you want to join plus 2 science.
  • Join the entrance preparation course as it acts as an education foundation between your school-level studies and higher education.
  • Don’t miss preparation classes.

What type of questions will be asked in the entrance exam?

Different colleges have a different patterns. Most colleges ask multiple-choice questions (MCQs). It depends upon the choice of your institution.

Some colleges will ask most of the questions on your class 11 entrance examination from classes 8, 9, and 10.

Few colleges may also ask some fundamental questions from Grade 11 in the entrance examination. You can collect the books from your juniors and can grasp the knowledge needed.

Students should give the one-word answer more priority than definitions in the examination. As most of the good renowned colleges ask multiple-choice questions, you must prepare accordingly.

How can I do well in the entrance exam?

To do well in an entrance exam, you must be well prepared. Studying hard and knowing the material inside and out is essential. You also need to be able to focus and concentrate during the exam and not let nerves get in the way. Practice exams can help get used to the format and timing of the real thing. On the day of the exam, make sure you eat a good breakfast and get plenty of rest to do your best.

You can join multiple institutions providing bridge courses to students who recently took the SEE examination. They provide essential knowledge and help build a strong foundation for Grade 11 courses. The Bridge course also guides you for the entrance examination. They take a mock test every month or week in MCQ format so that you are familiar with such type of question and how to solve it in a limited time.

Why do a Bridge Course?

Bridge course plays a vital role in refreshing students’ knowledge. Bridge courses can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends and provide an opportunity to learn more about a particular subject. Doing a bridge course can be a great way to improve your life and career prospects.